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What are the benefits of digital signage in business?

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According to a 2021 study by the Neuroscience Research Institute Neuro-Insight for the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), communications delivered on digital signage displays have 63% more impact than traditional billboards. More effective than a paper presentation, it provides detailed communication that is always relevant to marketing, HR or communications departments. The tool, which has seen a dizzying acceleration since the health crisis of 2020, now represents a key strategic lever that makes it possible in particular to disseminate important information in real time, to improve the productivity and efficiency of teams, or even to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Improve employee engagement

dynamic display It allows diverse content to be distributed on strategically placed digital screens, in order to reach all employees at different times of their day. This is evidence of the attractiveness of powerful screens and their ability to capture and even hold the attention of viewers. It becomes an effective communication channel to reach out to all employees, engage them and create interaction. By communicating regularly about the company’s vision or goals, each talent assesses their role in achieving a common goal. Fully aware of the tasks they have to accomplish, company members commit more easily to group projects. This tool offers the same level of information to everyone, thus promoting natural sharing and the development of a sense of belonging. In addition, by being informed about the company’s performance and results, they are confronted daily with the fruits of their labor and their motivation through their accomplishments. This also directly affects productivity, which is really enhanced.

Unite around shared values

The visibility and attractiveness of digital signage has a real impact on a company’s commercial performance, externally, but also internally. In fact, of the employees surveyed, more than half reported the impact of digital in improving their motivation. However, this also goes hand in hand with seamless intercom, providing the right level of information for everyone. This is the interest of the dynamic display on the screen, which according to 78% of respondents in a study conducted byAMCA (Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing Association), attracts attention better than any other medium. Knowing their daily or monthly sales or discovering the commitment generated by their social media posts allows everyone to follow and evaluate their performance. This information gives a sense of work being done, as it reflects the efforts and accomplishments of the teams. This increased visibility of information is also useful for disseminating data on the monitoring of various projects, to provide constant motivation to pursue a particular goal.

Keep your difference

According to a study conducted by Queen’s University Center for Entrepreneurial Culturethe corporate culture has a great influence on the group, in particular 26% less turnover. Digital signage makes it possible to broadcast a variety of multimedia content to share one’s vision and values. From formal presentations of results to a photo slideshow from a recent team building event, each internal communications campaign contributes to highlighting the operational, as well as the social, role of talent. It can also be used to celebrate successes to recognize everyone’s work at its fair value, but also to remember small events such as birthdays. These messages create and enhance the sense of belonging to the company, thus the latter craft an attractive brand image to retain its employees and make them thrive in their career. With a strong company culture, employees are more willing to stay in their current jobs rather than leave to compete. At the same time, more talents are applying to join it. Corporate culture contributes to a company’s reputation and thus its attractiveness in the market to people internally but also to consumers. Therefore, companies interested in retaining their teams deploy measures aimed at providing them with a better work experience.

In company premises, communication through digital signage allows access to all employees, even non-desk employees. They make it possible to include and even involve employees in the field, which are essential to the operation of the company, and who are often excluded from the head office information loop. With digital signage, every message becomes more engaging, comprehensive, relevant, and memorable. This technology makes its audience more attentive and available to capture and retain information, which is a key lever for achieving unity around common goals.

Tribune Posted by Benjamin German, Director of Marketing for Cenareo

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