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His lawyer says Trump’s presence at EJ Carroll trial against him will be a ‘burden’

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Donald Trump’s attorney said Wednesday that the former president “wants” to appear in a civil trial next week when a jury hears the assault and defamation charges brought against him by columnist E. Jean Carroll – but his presence will not be as necessary as it will be. “burden” in the city and the court. .

The letter to the judge, from attorney Joseph Tacubina, appears to argue that Trump should not attend his civil trial without saying he will not.

“Defendant Trump wishes to appear in court,” the letter says, but adds “concern” that New York City and the court would face “logistical and financial burdens” for a former president to travel with classified services and other procedural security protections.

“For Defendant Trump to appear, his movement must first be coordinated by an advance Secret Service team a few hours before he appears each day, so that a tactical plan can be worked out,” such as closing parts of the courtroom, Tacubina said. Tacupina cited the tumult of Trump’s recent criminal trial in state court as an example.

“We greatly appreciate your appreciation,” Tacopina added.

Jury selection begins next Tuesday in Carroll’s trial over allegations that Trump raped her in a New York locker room in the mid-1990s and then defamed her years later when he denied it happened. She wasn’t “his type”, the producer said, and suggested she write the story to promote a new book . Trump denied all allegations against him.

If called to testify, Tacubina said, Trump would appear in person. If he does not appear, his legal team asks the judge to inform the jury that he is not required to appear and will not be there due to logistical burdens.

Her lawyer said Carroll plans to attend the trial.

Responding to the court Wednesday afternoon, Carroll’s attorney criticized Trump’s reasoning, but noted that the former president’s direct appearance was not necessary for the trial.

“Ms. Carroll is entitled to play Donald Trump at trial anyway, so she does not need him to testify directly,” attorney Roberta Kaplan wrote.

“Mr. Trump has not yet responded to the court’s question and is now asking the court to excuse the jury should he decide not to attend the trial,” Kaplan wrote. Given the gravity of the allegations at hand in this case, one would expect Mr. Trump to appear in person. But he is clearly free to choose otherwise… This court, and the city he calls home, is fully equipped to handle the logistical burdens that would result from Mr. Trump’s appearance at a one-day trial. week. »

They also note that Trump has recently traveled to other events, including an Ultimate Fighting Championship event, and is expected to appear on the campaign trail two days after the trial.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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