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What is the business strategy to improve the volume, relevance and cost of data collected?

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The current economy generates an increasing amount of data, which today’s companies struggle to exploit fully and whose storage regularly incurs significant additional costs; Causing this discrepancy: “While they use only a third of their data, 60% of companies fear an explosion in operating costs in 2024. Thus, a global data optimization strategy seems essential ”, specifies Pierre van der Elst, svp seagate, lead company world leader in warehousing solutions.

Increasing amounts of data and complex management

Faced with the proliferation of acquisition channels, the processing and storage of these streams often becomes problematic. Different company divisions struggle to organize this data management, resulting in messy storage, in silos, spread across multiple servers and sometimes incompatible systems, which does not allow for efficient use. This can lead to a significant loss of this data, as only 32% is used, but also significant and unexpected additional costs.

A global strategy to improve costs and operations

Data management is regularly delegated to IT managers. However, the risks include many other questions, financial, security or legal. A global data strategy will allow companies to have a central view, and to integrate these issues. To do this, it is necessary to decide what to keep and at what cost. This includes choosing between cold and hard data, as well as selecting the most appropriate and least expensive storage mode. The creation by companies of a cross-functional team, integrating finance and any functional department involved, makes it possible to define a clear strategy upstream, thus optimizing work on data and reducing operating costs by choosing the tools best suited to their needs.

Choose the most suitable tools for the chosen strategy

Based on the principle that systems should be easy to use and maintain to reduce costs, Seagate develops enterprise storage systems that seamlessly integrate with existing partner systems, in an open architecture for optimal compatibility. Thus, Corvault’s standalone solution makes it possible to store huge amounts of data with minimal human intervention. The system detects possible malfunctions and fixes them on its own. It is now used by CNRS, which is sensitive to the integrity of Seagate solutions, which do not have access to data passing through their products. Better data management, through a clear strategy and appropriate tools, makes it a real lever for corporate growth.

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