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Cyber ​​risk protection: a response companies often ignore?

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Although the news is full of examples of cyber attacks with severe consequences, many companies still neglect to protect themselves from cyber risks. To learn more about these issues and the solutions that will be presented, interview Cheick Traoré, founder of IT services company Winide.

How big is the cyber threat today?

Businesses must first understand that the threat is global and multifaceted; And that the consequences can be tragic. The press regularly reports on the most important cyberattacks, such as the Corbeil-Essonnes hospital attack in 2022. These attacks are the work of organized criminals, but hacking groups are available on the Darknet, and anyone can launch a corporate ransomware cyberattack that multiplies the threat. Since 2020, the number of cyberattacks has increased by 400%, with 43% targeting small and medium businesses. What was still a risk for large corporations or companies a few years ago now affects the entire economic fabric.

What are the risks associated with cyber attacks?

The most famous of these is ransomware, thus paying money to recover or not recover data. However, the consequences go beyond amounts paid or unpaid. While data, and thus activity, is blocked, companies must pay bills and employees, without cash receipts. It is also necessary to provide for the repair of damaged IT infrastructure. Cyber ​​risk protection should be a corporate reflex, like workplace insurance, and wanting to save money on this item can be a very bad math: Ferrari doesn’t insure
To Third Parties… Customers must understand that protecting their IT environment is an investment, not an expense.

What are the solutions?

First, personnel training is essential because 90% of cyberattack success is of human origin. So Winide offers training, to educate teams about cyber risks, and to provide customers with several protection tools. To reduce the impact of an attack that has already occurred, Winide offers a business continuity service: thanks to regular backups on secure servers, the client company resumes its activity in a very short time. We provide services that adapt to each company, the MSP of tomorrow is the person who understands the client’s business and uses the best tools on the market to enable them to have a super productive IT tool. “Computers are not only used for secretarial work, they are also used to make money!”

Practical information:
Website: www.winide.com
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Tel: 01 89 40 04 48

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