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Louis, the smart box that revolutionized bustling workplaces

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Three years earlier, two “student entrepreneurs”, Antoine Conast and Helena Jérôme, had created Safehear and had given birth to Louis; A life-changing communication solution for employees working in noisy environments. Nicholas Morey, Director of Marketing at Safehear, got in on the ‘Three Questions’ game, telling us about the great adventure of this little kitty full of promise…

Mr. Morey, prior to joining Safehear you worked on large groups and internationally… How did you find the “Louis” project inspiring?

I was seduced by this 100% French innovation, allowing me to communicate clearly and fluidly in noisy work environments. I joined the adventure at its very beginning. and managed to participate in commercial, marketing or strategic functions. We are now 16 people, driven by the same desire to move forward efficiently, yet in control.

Can you explain Lewis’ role concretely?

By connecting to a worker’s hearing protection unit, Louis allows him to communicate while remaining protected from noise pollution. The system is thought to be “plug and play” once it’s set up, and there’s nothing more to do, Lewis manages it on his own. Once we speak, Louis filters the voices through the ambient cacophony; And it establishes, in real time, a smooth, clear and understandable dialogue between the various interlocutors, within a radius of up to 70 meters! With 10 hours of use on a single charge, Louis charges fully in just 3 hours.

Has Lewis found its place in the market, what are the next steps for Safehear?

We started by focusing on the first use case in order to respond to the communication problem in noisy environments in industry – but there are many more that we plan to focus on… Hearing protection for workers is far from being the niche market as one might think. About 4 million employees are exposed to high (and potentially harmful) noise levels in Europe. They have a dual need: to be protected, but also to be free to communicate. Major industrial groups such as ST Micro-Electronics, EDF, Bodycote, TLS Telecom or even U Logistics already trust us. We continue our journey in this huge market, while strengthening our other ambitions:
– upcoming technological developments, in particular thanks to machine learning,
– future consumer applications,
– an international spread, initially, with industrial areas in Germany and Canada,
– And to support these projects and our growth, we are currently raising funds for the second time!

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