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Balmain Hair Couture Salon, an extension of the catwalk for a unique spa experience in Paris

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focus today A feeling of exclusivity, in parentheses, as you enter Balmain Hair Couture Living Room At InterContinental Paris Le Grand, feel like a stately home guest who welcomes you out of sight into their private mansion. Here, with all the charm of Pierre Balmain – the founder of the famous brand – you have an appointment. Its heritage is perfectly reproduced in its welcoming elegance, with attention to detail: the parquet, the moldings, black and white, floral arrangements, the cozy lounge where tea of ​​your choice is served in precious porcelain … a harmonious collection designed to introduce you to the poetry of legend.

© Balmain Hair Couture Salon

Balmain goes beyond fashion, the label has also complemented female beauty by enhancing its hair. For the uninitiated, this ’50s business was first swept up in wigs, before becoming a true mainstay in 1974 with the creation of the house of Balmain Hair. Over the years, she’s debuted a whole host of luxury hair products, inspired by the latest trends from the catwalks, behind-the-scenes secrets and more. And Balmain invented high-end hairdressing to open it up to ordinary mortals.

Balmain felt
© Balmain Hair Couture Salon

Today, we are invited to live the complete experience from head to toe in the new Ange Wellness Spa and the hair salon Balmain Hair Couture, with the Opéra Garnier as a neighbor. This hybrid spa is designed to satisfy the most demanding of us who go hand in hand with beauty, efficiency, quality and sensuality. In a calm atmosphere, put on your own bathrobe and soft slippers … all you have to do is let the therapists guide you. Sit in one of our bespoke studios and entrust your wish-list to your stylist for a customized treatment.

Balmain felt
© Balmain Hair Couture Salon

Under her graceful fingers, the hair and scalp are sifted, restructured, nourished, massaged and treated according to the issues and the desired goal. It’s time to let go of our signature Balmair Hair Couture mask, we head to Anj Wellness Spa, your choice, for a test. Red carpet facial ritual where is the fashion week massage, that top models include in their wellness routines.

It is the aerial step like a ballerina in which we find the hairdressing area where Tsarina Marina is waiting for you for a hair beauty treatment. You will see the before / after thanks to the penetrating mask action.

Balmain felt
© Balmain Hair Couture Salon

Spruce, we leave the living room as glamorous as desired.

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InterContinental Paris Le Grand

Balmain Hair Couture Salon

2 Du Scribe Street

75008 Paris

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