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These four European cities will impose a tourist tax in 2023

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If you’re planning to travel to Europe this year, expect some additional costs. In fact, several cities will introduce a tourist tax, mainly to combat overtourism.

The entrance fee charged to visitors is often used to fund infrastructure and public services that benefit residents. So even if your vacation is a bit pricey, remember that your money is going to a good cause.

Here are the four cities that will implement a tourism tax in 2023:

Manchester is the first city in the UK to introduce a tourist tax in 2023

Manchester in northern England has become the first city in the United Kingdom to require tourists to pay a tourist tax. 1 agoany April Travelers staying in hotels or renting accommodation in the city center must pay a tax of £1 per night, per room.

Local authorities have explained that this measure aims to raise funds to enhance visitor services and improve street cleanliness. Manchester has a rich industrial heritage for visitors to discover Museum of Science and Industry and traverse the network of canals dating back to the 18th centuryH a century.

The city of Valencia introduced a tax on tourist accommodations in 2023

Travelers to Valencia must now pay to stay in this port city in southeastern Spain. The tourism tax applies to travelers staying in all types of accommodation, including hotels, apartments, hostels and camping grounds.

The tax ranges from 50 cents to €2 per night, depending on the type of accommodation. The proceeds from this tax will be used to create affordable housing for residents of highly touristic areas.

The city of Barcelona raises its tourist taxes in 2023

Every year Barcelona attracts millions of visitors who actually pay a tourist tax. This year, this tech hot spot is increasing its tax amount, which includes both regional fees and citywide surcharges.

The tax is levied on all travelers staying in official tourist accommodation. The tax increase went into effect on 1any April. Travelers must now pay a municipal tax of €2.75, which will rise to €3.25 in 2024. The extra revenue will be used to fund improvements to local infrastructure such as roads and bus services.

Venice is delaying the introduction of admission fees until 2023

Venice has been considering introducing a daily admission fee for several years and has announced that it will finally be introduced in 2023. This tax will only apply to day tourists, because visitors who stay overnight in the city already pay a tourist tax.

If the tax goes into effect by summer, tourists will have to pay between 3 and 10 euros, depending on the city’s daily affluence. Prior to the pandemic, the City of Doges was struggling with overtourism and was already seeing an unsustainable number of visitors.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Rebecca Ann Hughes

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