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Softcorp, ESN market competitiveness, daily challenge

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Founded by Hicham Khalsi, Softcorp strives to promote excellence in consulting in a world where services and data are increasingly digitized. Sustaining competition in a competitive context that disrupts the economic model is a challenge that ESN Networks must face.

Softcorp initially worked in the field of consultancy and project management expertise in the banking sector. In 2017, ESN decided to expand its offering to meet the need and develop wider coverage. It thrives by always cooperating with the largest banks, as well as with the telecom, management or retail sectors, but it restructures with the creation of new banks.
centers of competence. Its founder explains: “We have maintained our historical business of consulting and project management which today accounts for 42% of our activities and have added other pillars covering the entire IT project: testing, digital development, BI and big data, network infrastructure and security. In general, There are 5 poles covering the complete cycle of the information system. »

With continuous growth since its inception, 2022 marks a slight decline due to the challenges inherent in the activity sector. “Our customers’ needs are more and more specific and we are seeing resource shortages associated with the competitive environment leading to lower prices in this inflationary environment,” asserts Mr. Khalsi. Prices go up and our prices go down. We have to find the solution and adapt, of course, by reducing our margins, but sometimes that’s not enough. There is an increasing demand for the provision of services in the field of computer engineering but this also reduces the rates of services while there is a shortage of resources which leads to an increase in cost and salaries. This is a problem that has existed for several years, and which is currently exacerbated by inflation rates. This disparity creates an additional constraint in finding the economic balance between providing the right service, having the right resources and respecting a more or less tight economic model. »

He adds, “There is an international situation with the current conflict at the European level, which increases the need for Internet security and system security.” ESNs are in high demand in these areas. In general, we also follow market trends. If we are in an investment context, our clients will digitize, renew and innovate. They will invest, and therefore we will, because we will support them in this matter. The war at the gates of Europe tends to warn of a crisis that will lead to curtailment of investments by large groups and this will have repercussions one way or another on the ESN market. »

However, to meet these challenges, Softcorp is distinguished by its certified consultants who are experts in their fields of expertise and who combine this knowledge between technical, digital and business. “Today, it is not enough to be a very good technician, but you really have to understand and master the client’s business in order to be able to achieve the success of our project,” Hisham Khalsi specifies. We offer expertise in complex areas of international banking and risk, which require advanced functional expertise. »

ESN is now seeking to diversify its activities to become a publisher of new solutions and combine publishing, integration and consulting through the Softcorp group of companies.

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– Fax: +33 (0) 1 76 54 10 38
– 128 rue La Boétie – 75008, Paris

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