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Yacht sale and charter, the calm of the open sea with Doka Yachting

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Doka Yachting is a broker on a human level, but with distinct manners, led by a couple who welcomed us in the simplest way possible, without fuss. Sale, Rental and Management: They take care of everything, from A to Z, with rare expertise. Soon you will feel in the right place, with the right people.

Take full advantage of the yachts

yacht? It is a dream object. Even more than a luxury car, it embodies true freedom and comfort away from any social interference, solitude or reunion with loved ones, rest or focus away from the emotions that wear out. The yacht is also the possibility of holding exceptional parties, it is a versatile context for anyone who wants to create a unique decoration, in this nautical atmosphere that you can not get enough of. But from a technical point of view, a yacht is, first of all, a matter of size. It is a pleasure boat, sailing or motor, with beautiful dimensions. Let’s say 15 to 20 meters. At 50-60 meters, it is called a luxury yacht. Then we get into the pure luxury category. Doka YachtingIt’s Anthony and Dominica, and it’s first and foremost a love story. Triple love, transmitted from one to the other of course, but also in the direction of navigation. Essentially, there is one characteristic that sets them apart from the competition. The couple or families who come to them face a mirror. Understanding needs and trust: Doka Yachting ultimately embodies the family business that provides services of the highest standard. The result is a taste for commerce in the noblest sense, a relationship with others based on trust earned and maintained.

sense of responsibility

And then, let’s say things clearly: both are young, beautiful, simple and welcoming. It exudes vivacity and the tastes of things done well. The activity leads them to meet different types of customers, but they are all treated the same way. Some people come to them without being particularly lucky. They are hard-working individuals to make a living. They can’t afford a boat, but they still want to enjoy it through renting. all the respect. consideration and care. If the potential buyer who contacted them through the site realized that the yacht they were targeting had just sold or was finally too expensive, Doka Yachting looking for him. We will find the right boat for him, and we will do everything for him! You have to respond quickly and accurately, this is one of Anthony and Dominica’s requirements. Charged with research outside of what their position offers, they face it as a liability, activate their large network, send collaborators to ports, and order captains for their retinue.

Always on deck, even on the sidewalk!

In practice, Doka Yachting offers 3 distinct services: sale, rental, and management. In other words, it is about giving some the pleasure of sailing, others the possibility of making their boat profitable, or amortizing the costs associated with use. But their services can be provided differently, through 7/7 and 24/24. This is their way of life and their feeling of support. Panicked customer, rushed project manager: They are there and they work! This is the big difference. This is because there was all this accumulated experience of previous crews. They understand the boat and the people in it. Anthony and Dominica also set up the captain and crews themselves as requested by clients. With their background in the industry, they know a lot of people, especially between Monaco and St Tropez. They will even help the captain choose the crew, so that the agreement on board is complete.

The story is under the company

Anthony has been on bridges since adolescence. From high school, he studied boat mechanics, dreaming of both a military navy and merchant ships. He traveled around the world until he took the desire to return and settle down. It will be by establishing himself in the world of yachting, an environment where his father already has a foothold. First a mechanic, but very close to a captain, he will be trained to become one in turn. He will lead many yachts, more and more imposing, up to 40 meters high. The reason he works today is with big yachts. Meanwhile, Dominika is still a Danish student when she meets her. She gives up everything to live in love, allows herself to be taken as a hostess, tries her hand and the decision to launch Doka Yachting appears. The guide shared today by charming and loyal customers. We notice an international openness that takes nothing away from the services, made possible by the proficiency in French, English, Danish, Polish … and soon Italian.

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