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ranking | The most visited museums and art galleries in the world: the Louvre comes out on top!

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Museums | The pandemic has changed the way we consume art. It is now possible to access many works from your couch, be it plays or museum exhibitions. The recent Louvre exhibition in VR is a good example.

However, stats show that the number of museum visitors is on the rise, and Paris seems to be far ahead of London in this recovery.

The Louvre is still the most beloved museum in the world

The last Louvre project to discover in practice the Mona Lisa paintingthe famous painting Leonardo da VinciIt was a real success, allowing visitors to study and understand the history of the painting without having to wrangle with other onlookers.

Despite this, the Louvre Museum received many visitors. Once again, the Parisian museum has been named the most visited museum in the world in 2022, according to the annual ranking of tea Art Newspaper : 7.7 million visitors Climb the famous glass pyramid last year.

This statistic is even more surprising when you consider that this number is not less than 20% aux Chiffres of 2019 (the standard référence for les prépandémiques) and, fait révélateur, it is bien moins réduit that celui des autres musées figurant dans le top 10. It is some that all the mondeveuille encore visitor to the musée the most apprécié de Paris , and lo the Mona Lisa painting (and the rest of her treasures) are virtually accessible while confined.

The ten most visited museums in 2022

Other important stats: 141 million people He visited 100 museums, in the order he put it teaArt Newspaper. The good news is that this number for 2022 is double the number it was in 2021, but still a long way from the 230 million hits in 2019, before the pandemic.

Six of the ten most visited museums are in Europe (four are in the top five), two are in the United States, one is in Asia and one is in Russia:

  1. Louvre Museum in Paris (7,726,321 visitors)
  2. Vatican Museums, Vatican City (5,080,866 visitors)
  3. The British Museum, London (4,097,253 visitors)
  4. Tate Modern, London (3,883,160 visitors)
  5. National Museum of Korea, Seoul (3,411,381 visitors)
  6. Musée d’Orsay, Paris (3,270,182 visitors)
  7. National Gallery of Art, Washington (3,256,433 visitors)
  8. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (3,208,832 visitors)
  9. Pompidou Center, Paris (3,009,570 visitors)
  10. Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg (2,812,913 visitors)

The war in Ukraine and China’s anti-virus strategy mean these numbers are much lower for Asian and Russian museums than they would otherwise be.

What these numbers indicate is that people are starting to visit the same cities again as before the pandemic: Paris, London, New York and Rome.

Parisian museums are in better condition than London ones

There are two points to be made about the number of visitors and art tourism in 2022 between Paris and London, and how, as neighbours, they face very different fates.

The first remark relates to the fact that Paris is far ahead of the rankings. France is the most visited country in the world, so it makes sense that many people passing through its capital would be interested in art.

Louvre welcomes More than 2.5 million visitors More than the second most visited museum in Vatican City. The problem is so serious in terms of overtourism that the Louvre is considering reducing the number of visitors.

On the other hand, the recovery of Parisian museums since the outbreak of the pandemic is much greater than those in London, for example. In terms of attendance, attendance at the Louvre is only -20%, the Musée d’Orsay at -10% and the Center Pompidou at -8% compared to 2019.

On the other side of the channel, the British Museum and Tate Modern suffered much larger declines in attendance, at 34% and 36% respectively. Attendance at Victoria and Albert and the National Gallery in London also fell by 55% and 40%. His National Gallery 3.3 million visitors lost annually since 2019: This is huge!

the times Most visitors to these museums are believed to come from abroad and have been banned from returning to London to visit them:

  • Since Brexit, Japanese or Chinese visitors need another visa to add London to their European itinerary.
  • School visits from the EU are made more difficult because children need a passport to attend and not just the standard EU ID card they use every day.
  • The UK government has ended the ability to refund taxes on purchases made in London, which has been a huge draw for Asian travellers.
  • London remains one of the most expensive cities in the world for hotel rooms and theater tickets.
  • Finally, many large galleries still require visitors to book slots, which is shocking and according to timesThey are no longer needed since the end of covid.

As he concludes Art NewspaperAlthough the lockdowns came later than the majority of the world’s population, the recovery has been slower in some places due to the damage done by the coronavirus and the different political backlash it has triggered.

Translated article from Forbes US – Author: Alex Ledsom

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