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breathing | Three haven to see life in pink!

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The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and the holidays are looming… No need to travel long distances to experience the taste of summer, Forbes invites you to take the key to the fields in Marseille, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and your favor with Paris. Three adventures to consider without delay!

InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu

We are heading to Marseille to soak up the sweetness of life in it. The chance to (re)discover this scandalous city in perpetual reinvention. Your starting point? InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu, a representative venue and witness to the city’s ordeals for centuries. Its architectural figure reigns majestically over the Massilia like the benevolent guardian of the stones… At night, the play of light passing through the building and its French gardens presents an even more breathtaking spectacle.

InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu © Eric Cuvilliers

Beyond the monument, the mode is an argument of choice for passing pedestrians. The five-star hotel dominates the lively Panier district and is within walking distance from the Old Port. As for Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, he repairs it in a joyful throw. The rooms and suites are not just walls to put your trunks on, but to enjoy as the observatories featured on this lively and vibrant postcard. On site everything is done to put you in Marseille time; This hospitality is particularly expressed in the gastronomic offer.

InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu © Eric Cuvilliers

Brunch, aperitif, business meal or themed evenings, gourmets always have an excuse to push the door of the establishment. in Kabian BarCocktail and Dolce Vita lovers congregate and prolong the festivities on the adjoining terrace. Entrees make you want to book your dinner at Brasserie Les Windows. The rumor must have got you: here you will taste one of the best interpretations of bouillabaisse rejected in the style of “milkshake” chef Lionel Levy.

Other emblematic dishes of the country are featured on the menu, such as pissaladière with sardines, anchovies with anise-onion jam or even sea bass filet.

InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Due © Anne del Socorro

A delicious experience demands another… How about enhancing your stay with a signature gourmet dinner? we sit inAlcyone To discover the chef’s culinary expertise across a menu at five or eight iodized stations. Upon arrival, many emotions. This Marseille getaway will be popular or it won’t be!

Babies will discover a lot of charming attention in the room that has been set up and allocated before little guestpartner of the InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu.

© Little Guest

Four Seasons Cap Ferrat

Even in the south, under exactly the most beautiful sky in the world, that of the Côte d’Azur. We ask for more when we want to reward ourselves with a vacation under the mark of exceptional … Meet Four Seasons Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, the world’s jewel of the hotel industry whose visitor book immerses you in Hollywood glamor and in the great pages of history: Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Roger Moore , Winston Churchill, and today, Emily in Paris… Everyone wanted a taste of The Promise Forever listed on the storefront leading into the inner garden.

© Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Four Seasons Hotel

“Quiet, Peace, and Pleasure”: To this trilogy, we answer yes! Completely renovated in 2009 by Pierre Yves Rochon, the French interior designer who is often entrusted with the responsibility of renovating legendary addresses (the Shangri-La Paris, the Hotel Savoy in London or even Martinez in Cannes), has once again confirmed his art of reconciling character with modernity. Under his direction, the 1908 mansion envelops you in a harmony of beige and white, underpinned by marble, linen and silk, all splashed with pastel blues and aqua greens.

© Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Four Seasons Hotel

There is also this light that radiates from every space which makes this scenography even more miraculous. There is the hand of the human and the hand of the divine… During your arc in heaven, you will curl up in a special compartment in the Dolphin Club For seaside ambiance at its peak in our impressive Olympic size infinity pool heated to 28 degrees. Between two dips, sip a signature nectar and enjoy nature and its shameless beauty.

© Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Four Seasons Hotel

During the day, we gather around good tables Porch which serves Mediterranean cuisine with Provencal and Italian influences. Time stretches on for hours, and you catch your breath in the heart of 17 hectares of lush gardens. In summer, you can even take advantage of the exclusive villas for the perfect family experience. In the meantime, put on your warm bathrobe to relax in the spa…

© Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Four Seasons Hotel

You’ll spend hours there, giving yourself up to the expert hands of therapists who provide cutting-edge care. Biological Research and Dr. Burgener. Totally relieved, we put together 31 to honor our starred cuisine Chef Yorick Tesch. A magical escape.

Brac Paris Hotel

Réinvestir les terrasses, pousser les portes des musées, des galeries d’art ou des temples du shopping, flâner as a touriste curieux between Montmartre et les Champs-Elysees, redécouvrir la luminaire de Paris durant le printemps, c’est une perspective qui nous honored. Those wishing to celebrate their reunion with Paris – which has been the scene of much excitement lately – will find the perfect venue at Hotel Brach. It does not belong to the category of palaces but it is much talked about. When you are planning a rejuvenating vacation, when you want to experience a wonderful moment or when you have a special event to celebrate, Hotel Brach offers a light and authentic experience for its visitors.

Hotel Brac Paris © Guillaume de Laubier

This extra spirit is distilled into the elegant and relaxed welcome, right here in the heart of the 16th century. Located on the first floor, the lobby dazzles you with tribal totems, ethnic carvings and benches, and braided carpets in shimmering colours. It is a journey at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and South America. The 59 rooms and suites operate on the same codes in a touch of three-tone elegance. with one Philip Starck Well inspired by the maneuver, it works great: ” Brach is not a hotel, it is a place of life and a unique culture where poetic mysteries and lush surprises fuel the imagination. ,” slides Fetish Designer Homes Beautiful.

Hotel Brac Paris © Guillaume de Laubier

We quickly verify this confirmation by settling on the rooftop with stunning views of the rooftops of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The friendly atmosphere is maintained by animals picked from the surrounding area and elsewhere. The barista’s energy also contributes to a good time, feel free to test their creativity in a cocktail or mocktail, while ordering a good selection of mezes. This appetizer makes us want to explore the Mediterranean, we are at the right address!

Brac Paris Hotel © Yann Audic

the Chef Adam Bin Talha He brings together on the plate the best Italian, Algerian, Lebanese and Greek recipes … which he brilliantly revisits. As a result, the restaurant is always full! Tasting is also a question of venue: behind the kitchens’ impressive 20-meter-long counters, a patisserie, cocktail bar, delicatessen, fresh vegetable cupboard, and wine and cheese cellars line up. Or the beginning of a love story…

For more :

Brac Paris Hotel

1 rue Jean Richepin

75016 Paris


InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu

1 Daville Place

13002 Marseille


Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, Four Seasons Hotel

71 Boulevard du General de Gaulle

06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat


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