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Interview | Alexandre Marchon, a self-taught chef and enthusiast of innovative veggie cuisine

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Alexander Marchon he Self taught chef PassionateH of gastronomy. with her restaurant Hname in the eleventhHArrondissement Paris, shakes up the culinary conventions by offering cuisineHgHCreative tale and amazing flavours.

What were you doing before your conversion? What are the reasons that made youthere was Retraining in the kitchen ?

Alexander Marchon : AprilHfour yearsHPassHin the advertising worldH at fullsix.com to Paris, I realized that even though I’m OKHI work with crHatives, I didn’t feel allHRecently HI thrived in this field. It’s in dHCovering the kitchen i rHAliceH if you can HAlso appear crHactivityH. Although I hHsitsthere was Make it a carrierHComplete to Unconvincing training, my passion finally took over. I took drHThe decision to quit my comfortable job and devote myself to the kitchen. against’HIt was an opportunityH I couldn’t let go and I wasn’t afraid to let it all out for grabs. to I’to26 years old, without obligation, iHDon’t hesitate to try this amazing adventure.

Can you tell me about your journey as a self-taught chef?

I be : jyou really haveHatypical! you passedH leader to residence to Chef without going through IWe are Hclerk ribbons, apprentice, party leader, etc. I formed myselfH aboveHI bought from my clientsH Cookbooks and I learned the technique on my own for seven years. in dHbut i was doing one or two drINairs per week. against’Hwas hungryHlicenseAnd but small to small, againstIt startedthere was I walk until todaywhere A restaurant owner told meH Chef position to open his own restaurant. The last threeHgeneral resHare they HYouH Tough, with temporary closures to cause of the epidemicHMe, but I never gave upH And I continuedthere was Follow my passion.

What values ​​do you associate with to the kitchen ?

I be : joy ! As a leader, I take itHDr WhatIn the kitchen It’s cr artHYou have experienceHnothing agrHable to make customers happy to Through paintings and service. I strive to convey this value to for me Hteam and put it into practice for me restaurant. I firmly believe that without fun in the kitchen, qualityH Suffer and without good service, customers will not return.

Are there any chefs who have assigned you?HRecently InspiredH ?

I be : There is a chef said to me HstandardHInspiredH And who taught me so much without even knowing it, J.JIt’s Alain Passard. I met himthere was I’Hwhen owhere I worked in advertisingH And he knew my passion for cooking. He said to meH To be part of the Arp ClubHGe and there I wentH Forty times, it dazzles meHEmbarrassed by his cooking style without imitating him. my love forHchewing gum drHIt stems largely from the influence of Alain Passard on me.


We find a lot of greenery on your plates, cimportant to youBring and view these engineersHHe says?

I be : I’m proud of IntHdeal with a lot ofHGums are in my dishes, like watercress, puntarelles, brussels sprouts, pontoise sprouts and zucchini flowers. My clients areHresponsive to These engineersHdients and i love receiving compliments like: “I thought I didn’t like Brussels sprouts, however Itothat itHlicentious” or I believed from the kitchenHgumiHDr HIt was boring, however In fact, it is veryHGreed ».

what is k level Signature ?

toM : is the customer who drHHe finally decides which dish will become a signature dish and not one that we always eatagainsten. IlsBusiness kale carpaccio shotH smooth and seasonedH With pralinesthere was hazelnut. It’s a simple dishH horrifying! My goal is to cookHgum from footballagainstWe are fairer so they can HVery okHthisHs to fair value. represents this dishHI feel good about my permanent kitchen Hdevelopment. I Don’t restrict me to a one list, IAlways tryinvent.

Turnip carpaccio.
Turnip carpaccio

Tell us about your kitchen, you provide a kitchen IHgumiHRe, why did you make this choice?

I be : jalways believes in possibilityH To combine gluttony, moments of coexistenceH And responsible consumption, the highlight of theHgums. todayToday when we talk about cooking lHgumiHre or vHgHTarian, we often have a picture of a kitchen that isn’tHfabric, with lHGum jumpHPut on a plate. whilein pHis readingHshe can Hvery veryHs diverseHH. there kitchenHgumiHDr maybe DisplaysHe goes Wide aromatic palette. It is important toUses EngineerHSeasonal ingredients to enjoy their unique flavor and freshness.Ichoir. theHThe importance of chewing gum is often underestimatedHsAnd But they can Hturns upHs in dishes dHbawdy and colorfulHs. My kitchen does not rule outYou Not meat and fish, however, I’m more HSilent by a Leaf of Cabbage Pontoise by JOhyou from bœmiss out! Ilinked Before everything to Promote healthy and eco-friendly cooking, but without sacrificing the fun. I only use the fruit and that’s whyHMara Organic Chewing GumIDear locals, from pHResponsible and reasonableHe and meatHExpress liftsagainstais. suggest HAlso bio natural wine, organic lemonade, organic kombucha and coffeeH sHCialisH. I firmly believe this is the way to goagainstWe work and hopeHRe that one day the entire restaurant industry will embrace this vision.

you all HYou are also convinced that the kitchen of tomorrow will beHgHcome on why?

Master’s: The fact of privilegeHgive themHgums It’s not just a matter of goingûy, it is HAlso a commitment Henvironmental. I don’t take itHre not the kitchenHgumiHre like HBoth are kitchen vHgHTarian and boring, quite the opposite. By adding sauces and butter it can become trHGreed. It is by reducing our consumption of proteinHanimals that could be drHdevelop crHactivityH Cooking and finding a new IDHWe are. Hmuch His boss, YI am fortunate to have a tangible impact on problemsHCorporate social responsibility issues, in particular rHGlobal Warming. I think it is important to work in this direction, but without making the letter of commitment the only goal of the restaurant.

He walks

When we enter your restaurant progress, to What should weto wait?

I be kisa: The restaurant should HTo be above all a place for fun and moments to be spentHs to tables with our customers. We like to welcome them, greet them and pamper them. againstIt is a place to livewhere We eat, laugh and pass the time to table. I wanted to crHAny bright environment to serve a committed chef’s kitchenH With a personal signature. I imagined nHo Modern Bistro owhere Customers can dHDesirable cuisine tasteHe with inventive and carefully sHspecifiedHs.

I have been involvedthere was I“HTop Chef’s mission, quis what prompted youthere was Register as a candidate?

I be : Is it true that againstSo be itIHe is HStrange for a chefHIto installHbut meI wanted to challenge myself. jwanted to enroll in expHAfter that, meet other chefs and move on to learn. I knew it was going to be a tough contestHbut me’HShut upHYou to raise this drHfi And to Psychometric to Other chefs are more experiencedHrhymeHs. IexpHNothing happenedHFifthHIHadditional mailHRewarding, much more difficult than to what am IHe was waiting.

Alexander Marchon

do you have drOther career aspirations?

I be : I want to continue my careerHRe by opening other restaurants, prHPodcast feeling or sharing to THIHVision to express the importance of eating toHseasonal fruits and vegetables. i have drHIto sensitiveH children to This thread is in HKindergarten I would like to continue this kind of work to spread my message about healthy and sustainable food.

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