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Winston & Léon: specialists in renting luxury apartments in Paris

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Specializing in the rental of luxury furnished properties, the Winston & Léon estate agency offers a turnkey offer. Makes life easier for tenants and owners by putting human relations and service quality at the fore.

Established in 2014, the agency offers properties for rent of all sizes – from studios to 6-bedroom mansions with gardens and outbuildings – for periods from 3 days to 5 years.

Thus, foreign tourists, diplomats, students or Parisians can enjoy the most beautiful apartments in the capital, in popular areas. “In terms of location, our properties are in the super center. The regions of the Marais, Montorgueil and the Left Bank – in particular Saint Germain – have an excellent international reputation and are particularly well represented. we have 2H The sector is located around the Golden Triangle, Trocadero and Victor Hugo within 8 kmH and 16H Biology. Generally we find more family properties, larger in size. However, our center of gravity is evolving over time with new properties added regularly in other areas, such as Montmartre or Montparnasse. The location is not a selection criterion because the quality of the apartment is important.” says Leonard Viger, founder.

In addition to high-quality, fully-equipped apartments, Winston & Léon clients can take advantage of private concierge services that respond to requests from the most standard to the most demanding, at complete discretion. “We have families who regularly commute to Paris and request our additional services: a daily cleaning service, one or more vehicles for their trips during their stay or the occasional airport transfer. Small family events such as a child’s birthday or other reunions in small groups often require the creation of facilitator or home cook”, Leonard Vigier testifies.

Human trust relationship with the owners

For the owners, the agency plays an essential supportive role. ” Human connection is at the heart of any relationship with our clients. This is true more in real estate and even more so in the luxury sector! Our owners, for the most part, reside abroad or in the provinces and entrust us with the property with which they are associated. The unique advisor they used to discuss with was their assurance of serenity. The second important factor is related to the furnished rental market. Being more dynamic than empty rentals, our quality as a specialized real estate agent, and our deep knowledge of the local market and its seasonality contribute to their reassurance and the feeling that their property is in good hands.” Leonard Viger says.

Another feature appreciated by the owners is their great flexibility, compatible with their occasional occupation of the apartment. In fact, the majority of owners keep using the property at least once a year and rent out their property when not in use.

This flexible formula also helps offer properties for rent that would not normally be available in the traditional rental market.

The agency is responsible for shifts and provides a clear view of the availability periods of the property. A profitable operation for the owners since on average On a furnished property you can rent between 20% and 100% more expensive than an empty rental. Leonard Vigier trusts.

Drawing on its expertise in the most beautiful city in the world, the Parisian agency is currently studying development opportunities in European destinations and in the provinces.

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