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Discover Laiterie de Lille with Chef Edouard Chouteau

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This Lille institution from 1903, located in a former dairy, regained its aura last year thanks to the arrival of Edouard Chouteau: a very promising young chef who knows how to marry new flavors and create surprises.

First of all, the place pleases with its authenticity: a historic farmhouse with light brick walls, near the Parc de la Citadelle. At the heart of the two restaurant rooms, which consist of a lofty verandah and a dining room with a fireplace, is warm and convivial, as usual in the North. Outside, the six hundred square meter green garden and its large terraces are ideal for sitting out in fine weather. A bubble conducive to the pleasures of the taste buds. As tradition dictates, Laiterie welcomes you with homemade curd with herbs from the vegetable garden, accompanied by Maroilles tart. Something to put in your mouth!

Very creative seafood menu

List of land and sea – © La Laiterie de Lille

Chef Edward Schouto’s kitchen is always lively and lively. It draws its inspiration from esteemed local traditions and sources: dairy products from the neighboring farm, pigeons, flour, market gardening direct from the producers, Normandy tide …
For this highly creative chef, the menu offers an ephemeral one around a product he loves to work with (truffles, game, turbot, caviar, etc.), a vegetarian menu that changes with the seasons – his way of working with vegetables proves that there can be gastronomy. A true vegan – and Land-Sea menu, the house’s signature.
This 7-course tasting menu takes our taste buds to another world where Édouard Chouteau excels with passion, creativity, aesthetics and technique, classic and refined cuisine with frank tastes and a readable touch.
From the start, we were seduced by the pig caviar oysters (one of their specialties): oysters glazed with herbs from the garden with crispy pig’s feet and head enhanced with crystal caviar. This is followed in a carefully considered arrangement, his raw scallops with gray shrimp and mushroom jelly, haddock crystal caviar accompanied by a whey emulsion, and oysters (sea urchin, langoustines, brown crab) served with white asparagus and infused with elderberry. broth, Pigeon des Flandres that marries perfectly with the tangy flavor of cabbage.

In each of his culinary combinations, the chef dares to combine so many flavors that can make us lose our taste marks. But what happens is the exact opposite. On the contrary, the flagship product is heated in a bold and unexpected way. Creating a surprise is truly the undeniable strength and originality of this chef.

selective flight

The balcony – © La Laiterie de Lille
It is no coincidence that Edouard Chouteau surprises us because his creations are nourished by his encounters. From studded to starry hats, he penned his style at Amphitryon with Thierry Marx and Eric Frichon at Bristol and Alain Passard at Arpège. With the three-star Quique Dacosta in Spain, discover the technique and exoticism of molecular cuisine. A discovery that will lead him to the homes of Pierre Gagnaire. He took the essence and his style asserted himself at Clarins and then at the Pavillon de la Reine where Mathieu Pacaud drove until he was awarded a star in the Michelin Guide. Curious, he takes a culinary world tour.
With such an eclectic profession and with enough material to command a Laiterie, Edouard Chouteau has been able to restore this historic establishment to its grandeur, which now deserves to be joined in the starred tables club.

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