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Behind the scenes at the Haute École du Service Parnasse: re-magicing the customer relationship

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Parnasse, a tailor-made brand of Orange, has a school that revisits all aspects of customer relations in a position of excellence. Unprecedented “nugget” courses are enjoying increasing success. immersion…

Put a tennis ball under your feet and massage! The instructions may seem unusual. The place could be just as great: a luminous dojo! However, we are at the center of a training session offered by the Haute École du Service (HES) Parnasse. ” The exercise ball is the perfect introduction explains Mary Catherine Guceran, Director of HES. ” It breaks the ice between the participants and pins them to the ground very effectively in order to radiate their physical condition. Try it, you’ll see! You conclude with a smile.

It is the dazzling smile that characterizes those who meet the director of this extraordinary organisation. After passing Orange Campus, a demanding training module for French operator executives, the founder of HES cultivates others’ taste as a way of life. An “indispensable” skill, the key to the birth of the upper school in 2015 …

Within the Orange group, Parnasse, a Cercle Privé specialist in customer relations and tailor-made solutions, prepares service offers and telephone / subscriber packages whose difference lies in the human support at any moment for its members. Very quickly, the need to train brand employees to manage demanding customers arises. “But everything must be created…” a challenge that Mary Kath met with enthusiasm. “Human management, resolving sensitive situations, attitude, writing, speaking out… Our inspiration, to create content, always comes from the field, from the experience of Parnas employees and everyone we train…”

The virtual reality training module “Savoir Oser” at HES is an immersive experience that simulates different interaction situations with a demanding client.

Experience amplification and distinction

Disruptive, the instructors stop at nothing to teach excellence: lyrical vocals, augmented reality, an amazing setting (like a dojo!), on-site immersion…” Our 100% tailored courses last from 4 hours to 2 days. Training time should be optimized with a maximum of ten trainees per session. Only one rule counts: efficiency! »

And the success is there: after training the employees of Parnas, the employees of the Orange Group and, in particular, for the Olympic Games 2024, HES puts its expertise at the service of brands that want to reinvent their relationship with customers: ” Our calendar is full for 12 months or so. Our instructors travel all over France and internationally, and also deliver programs remotely “.

From the DS car dealership to Lenôtre via the famous American Hospital in Paris, all of HES’s former clients are grateful for the talent pool acquired in record time. ” Training fits perfectly with the company’s activity A happy CEO captivates. ” It’s intense, tailored to our people and perfectly aligned with the challenges of our business. It gives an undeniable added value to our core business… “An analysis that totally validates the HES manager, never lacking in ideas to keep the NPS* brushing, on every mission, the peaks (over 90):” A personal relationship with customers is the basis of loyalty and also has the advantage of increasing the number of captive customers, ensuring the growth of brands. So there are a lot of them investing in these pieces that weave a strong bond between their DNA and their target audience, giving them that extra spirit and performance.

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* Net Promoter Score or measure of the likelihood that a customer will recommend a product or service. An NPS of 70 is generally considered excellent…

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