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Tips and ideas to improve your business performance

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First of all, it is relatively simple. A company will not become more efficient if it is satisfied with being a “good” company, or if the phrase “it is good” is repeated constantly. This while this “goodness” or this “goodness” that is supposed to satisfy customers are the enemies of excellence and therefore of that performance which makes it possible to win competition against competition.

Where are we today

With information now being disseminated so widely and at a high speed, The buyer or customer has finally gained power, Which anyway proves him right, so you’ll have to admit it as soon as possible if you don’t want to overwhelm him.

And because of this acceleration of information, it also became clear that The competition has become instantaneous and also global.

And the two main questions you need to ask yourself

what is the day my company’s attractiveness, Regionally, nationally, globally?

Does my company really want to own overall positive attitude towards clients, But also towards the staff.

If you have answered these two questions, then your success will depend on your management methods, which can be summarized as follows:

Building customer loyalty by giving him complete satisfactionCommercially, of course, but also from a technical point of view, all forms of support that the customer may need should be prioritized.

always boils down to “Total Quality Management” Or total quality management or what is called in Germany “Vulgar Perfection”

On the other hand, we may want to be universal, but this does not prevent us from being aware of it regional fixation utility, Professional conscientiousness, company culture, and a sense of good work are always present. I advise you to read works about deep German loyalty to “Standort”, its regional anchor, and the cult of “vulgar perfection”, that is, innovations based on the promotion of consistent product quality, rather than “breakthrough” innovations aimed at setting a milestone.

You will also have to put the weight of innovations in your potential success into perspective.

For this I advise you to read an analysis Researcher James Collins “From Good to Great”. This researcher and his team have analyzed a number of American companies over the course of fifty years. If we sum it up, it’s very simple as alwaysDo not try to quickly gain strong technological leadership, because it requires many stages of “maturity”. And while this question must be asked, would a company that already has a history (not a startup) see its performance resulting from pure and challenging innovation or by significant improvement in services and/or products? Will digital technology and innovation (two highly commented processes) become accelerators? Yes, will they create significantly? of course no !

Your success comes down to three other key questions you must ask yourself

– What are we excited about today?

– How can I be better tomorrow and the day after?

What really “drives” my earnings and cash flow?

The answers to these questions will allow your teams to do so Building a “fundamental economic engine” Great engine, somewhat independent of mains, and revs. Because we often forget that very successful companies focus not on what to do, but on what not to do, and that most of the time this highly innovative technology doesn’t have much going for it – something about the takeoff of high-performing companies. On the other hand, planned and scaled innovation will be very useful for communication, and for securing the future by bringing it regularly to the market, Differentiated products have received significant improvements.

Also what is often forgotten is the “Flying Wheel Concept”, This process of transformation that results not from a single decision, major program, or major innovation, but rather from an impulse given slowly but surely to the steering wheel (the essentials) lap after lap.

The transition to franchising will only be possible if all your employees are involved in this project.

This can only start with internal discussions until everyone adapts and wants to succeed. discussions where the hierarchy is completely forgotten, Because who knows who makes it the delivery guy and the operator and also, of course, the people who answer the calls of dissatisfied and dissatisfied customers.

But your employees will only be enthusiastic and positively involved in these discussions if you put the problems on the table and you have them Open and honest communication The goals are understandable, simple and easy to apply. Of course, good working conditions in nice offices or workshops are essential.

Knowing what is necessary above all does not make reading the analysis on Reasons for the decline of the industrial sector in France https://bernard-jomard.com/2018/11/30/la-france-championne-de-linnovation-dans-un-pays-sans-usine/

Finally, The company’s success also depends entirely on proven values, shared discipline, and of course consideration for everyone, which translates to I say what I do and do what I say. Also know that the work hard “ Only possible if we have it “play hard”, Which we will find with weddings, births, commercial and artistic successes, because every day is a new competition and all successes must be celebrated.

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