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Chicken Street, the franchise network is opening up internationally

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Founded in 2013, Chicken Street is a fast food chain serving bread Cheese naan Made to order and revisited according to the wishes of its customers. Real knowledge that the brand distributes to its entire network of franchisees.

Now perfectly defined by consumers, the Chicken Street brand stands out from the larger fast food establishments thanks to a unique concept, since the dishes served on the menu are cooked exclusively with chicken and then available in burgers or Naan breadhome specialty. “All our experience is centered on our bread Cheese naan Which is done on site and upon request. We are the first French franchisee to develop this product in a network “, Soufiane Rinouchi, Co-Director and Founder of Chicken Street.

Today, the black and yellow brand has more than sixty points of sale throughout France but also abroad, in Belgium and Algeria before opening its doors internationally during the year 2023. “We will soon open restaurants in Dubai, Dakar, Marrakesh and Reunion,” confirms its founder.

Strict monitoring for each franchisee

If the Chicken Street network has grown exponentially, it is also thanks to the true culture of franchising that the brand stands for. “The support we provide allows franchisees who are not from the restaurant industry to open their first restaurant and even develop a network thereafter to become a multi-franchisee or master franchisee,” Sofiane Rinucci explains. In addition, he also claims that the franchisor earns a return on his investment between 24 to 36 months on average. “These are elements that make a lot of people want to join the adventure.”

So the challenge for Chicken Street was to preserve this unique knowledge while facilitating the entire manufacturing process in order to make it available to its entire network of franchisees, without betraying the original concept. Successful bet.

With a turnover of more than 50 million euros for 2022, Chicken Street continues to ensure bold but controlled growth. The international exposure should also allow the brand to think bigger, while preserving the values ​​that have made it successful.

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