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VKARD revolutionizes business relations with its contactless business cards

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A business card is an essential professional tool, an essential vector of communication that has evolved over the ages into today’s modern way of communicating and establishing business relationships. Using NFC technology, a French startup, VKARD, has made it possible to update business cards.

NFC technology in the service of business cards

New transmission modes have appeared for transmitting data instantly via a smartphone. NFC technology, in particular, allows data to be transmitted, without contact, over a short distance. VKARD, a French startup, has integrated NFC into the business card and offers a full range of offline, connected, customized or self-configurable business cards. VKARDs work with all NFC-enabled smartphones or with a unique QR code for older devices.

VKARDs are designed in France and can be easily modified, at any time, from a private online dashboard. VKARDs’ personal data and information are secure and hosted in France on an RGPD-compliant SaaS solution.

Thus, a contactless business card is an electronic version of a traditional business card, which allows one click to exchange contact details with other people via smartphone. When you become connected, a business card makes it easy to share and store a person’s contact information. A contact business card allows for quick and easy publishing of information as contact information is integrated directly into the contact directory.

NFC technology applied to contactless business cards simplifies the management of business contacts and also makes it possible to obtain other services, such as analyzing data to see how many contacts want to access contact details, remote deactivation, and adding links to documents Such as brochures or making appointments online.

A card that lasts for life

Therefore, VKARD enables cardholder personal data to be updated in real time via an online dashboard, thus avoiding mass printing of new paper cards. In this sense, VKARD contactless cards allow the companies that supply them to their employees to reduce their carbon footprint: in fact, according to the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), one kilogram of paper consumes about 500 liters of water. Thus printing one business card is equivalent to one gram of carbon dioxide and approximately one liter of water consumed. Additionally, 88% of printed cards end up in the trash in less than a week, according to GreenBusinessHQ. This associated alternative makes it possible to take another step towards ecology.

VKARD’s business card can be customized, via a logo for example, and allows companies to communicate all their information effectively by controlling the data that is distributed. It can also be stored on a smartphone, which makes it easy to access and can come in handy for unplanned and even offline business encounters. It can also be deactivated remotely if lost for greater protection of personal data.

In short, VKARD, by integrating NFC technology into business cards, provides companies with a convenient and innovative way to share information with their target customers. Contactless business cards have become an alternative to traditional business cards with their various advantages to help companies stand out in a competitive market.

By Thibaut OGER, President and Co-Founder of VKARD

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