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Mustache Bike’s “Samedi 29 Trail” Electric Mountain Bike: A centerpiece of power and comfort

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Mustache Bikes is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of electric powered bicycles. Based in Vosges, it was founded by Greg and Emmanuel. Their shared passion for cycling brought them together and they launched their first line of electric bikes in September 2011. While they had planned to produce 600 bikes in their first year, they finally produced the double. Since then, the company has seen an annual growth of 70%.

Mustache Bikes, Vosges Developing Company

in home Sharp bikesMan is placed at the center of all concerns. According to the company’s founders, the company’s strength lies primarily with the women and men who make it and who bring it to life on a daily basis. They are particularly associated with their founding in regiment An area that symbolizes their childhood, family and values.
The small factory in Vosges moved to new, more spacious premises. This new infrastructure has also made it possible to increase production capacities to meet the growing demand for electric bicycles. In 2022, Mustache begins construction on a new building that will be ready for next year. With an additional 3,200 square metres, the new building will be entirely powered by renewable energy thanks to solar panels installed on the roof. It will also be equipped with a rainwater recovery system and electric charging stations.

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Mustache’s goal is to follow its development in France and abroad, in particular Germany and in Austria. The group has sold more than 64,000 bikes in 2022 and has 250 points of sale In France as well 300 sales points abroad. The company produces between 260 and 300 bikes a day It includes 15 families of products with more than 70 Model 2021.
The success of mustache bikes has been recognized many times over. In fact, the company has won several awards, including Design and Innovation Award in 2017, 2020 and 2021, INPI Innovation Award2020 category “Brand” as well eMTB of the Year Award in 2018, 2021 and 2022. These awards testify to the quality and innovation of the company’s products.

The Saturday 29 Trail by Mustache Bike, a high-end electric mountain bike for adventurers

© Mustache - Photo: Louis Frolin
© Mustache – Photo: Louis Frolin

Sharp bikes It has made it its mission to create bikes Super versatile And super efficient, Allowing you to enjoy both the ups and downs. The group recently launched its new device MTB Saturday 29 TrailDesigned for the toughest mountain trails. the Aluminum frame Sat 29 Trail Equipped With 140 mm rear suspension and one 150mm front fork, providing great shock absorption ability. The frame features a matte finish and clean lines, with bold colors for a dynamic and modern look. The cables are internal, adding to the bike’s aesthetic. The bike is also equipped with a handlebar telescopic seat, allowing the rider to easily adapt to different terrain conditions. The Samedi 29 Trail’s design is also great.

in terms of performance, Saturday 29th Trail he Versatile mountain bike. It is able to successfully navigate the roughest and most technical trails, while delivering Great stability during the descent. The suspension also allows for a comfortable ride on flat terrain.
Saturday 29 Trail is equipped with Shimano hydraulic brakes for fast and powerful braking, while the Shimano Deore drivetrain delivers smooth and precise gear changes. the Maxxis Rekon+ 2.8 tires Provides excellent grip on all types of terrain. Sharp Magic Bumper Grip control And the Dynamic Bounce Control technology developed by the Mustache teams makes it possible to maintain constant pressure from the tire to the ground and to reconcile comfort with exceptional grip. Mountain bikes are equipped with suspension forks the Fox or Marzocchi Specially calibrated to work in harmony with the Mustache shock absorbers and maintain wheel-to-ground contact. The 29-inch Mustache tires, asymmetric and reinforced, provide an optimal transfer of power and allow you to overcome obstacles with greater ease thanks to the Maxxis Assegai tires.

© Mustache - Photo: Louis Frolin
© Mustache – Photo: Louis Frolin

But the great novelty for the 2022 range of Samedi 29 Trail is the use of the new connected ecosystem Bosch Smart System. The bike is equipped with the new engine Bosch Performance CX, energy-efficient PowerTube battery provides a record autonomy of 625 Wh or 750 Wh, for long windy and climbing adventures. The bike is also equipped with a KIOX 300 color display, which allows the rider to keep track of all information regarding electric assistance, speed, mileage, etc.

Bruce Over/TiltShift
© Bruce Over / TiltShift

Mountain biking Saturday 29th Trail from Mustache Bikes is an excellent choice for riders looking for a versatile mountain bike that can navigate all kinds of mountain trails. With a solid suspension, smooth transmission, powerful brakes and a new connected system Bosch Smart SystemThe Saturday 29 Trail is a solid choice for riders who want a fun and exciting mountain biking experience.
Sharp bikes Developed and compiled Every Saturday 29 Trail in France, at Thun les Vosges. Since its inception, Mustache Bikes has experienced amazing growth with More than 170 employees and one Turnover of 137 million euros in 2022. It is an example of entrepreneurial success that combines passion, respect for human values, and attachment to the land.

© Mustache - Photo: Louis Frolin
© Mustache – Photo: Louis Frolin

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