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BeFC is revolutionizing energy supply with its bio-environmental environment

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A CNRS spin-off led by a team of engineers and clinicians in fields such as electronics, chemistry and electrochemistry, BeFC has developed an environmentally friendly alternative to lithium and miniature alkaline batteries.

A young startup ready to take on the challenge of sustainable development in the electronics sector, BeFC has designed an energy solution of the future, a miniature device with minimal environmental impact, recyclable or compostable, using enzymes and a biocatalytic system to generate electricity. The biofuel cell is activated by contact with a droplet of water, sweat, saliva, blood or urine, and is made of carbon paper and cellulose from renewable forests with PEFC and FSC certification. This naturally ecological battery, without plastic or trace metals, provides ideal power supply duration for short periods at an affordable price. ” Our paper makes the difference It’s durable support, compatible with many connected devices, and above all without environmental risks. With an estimated 15 billion primary batteries disposed each year, and 97% of mini batteries ending up in landfill or incineration, BeFC biofuel batteries are a compostable energy source that helps protect our environment. By reducing the complexity of disposing of this waste, we reduce recycling and disposal costs, thus reducing our overall impact on the planet. explains Dr. Jules Hammond, co-founder and CEO of the startup.

Use outside the medical sector

BeFC is currently focusing mainly on the areas of health, due to the emergence of vital battery parts for many objects of single or limited use, with low electrical power, to replace button batteries in some medical devices. With a strong portfolio of patents and intellectual property portfolio, and hands-on approach, BeFC Technology then develops the next generation of electronic solutions: a true pioneer in the deeptech world. Grenoble Startup’s team of talented researchers targets healthcare that is becoming increasingly digital and connected. Measurement of blood glucose, temperature or digital medical diagnoses, BeFC Electronics offers a biocompatible, compostable power solution for both remote patient monitoring and cold chain control of pharmaceuticals or hospital waste. In addition to the medical sector, wearable health and fitness devices require patches of digital sensors capable of tracking parameters such as temperature, humidity, pH, and movement. Finally, the logistics industry, which requires traceability and transparency, can benefit from BeFC technology for trackers, contributing to less damage and packet loss and better security of supply to the industrial sector.

Converting glucose and oxygen into electricity is a revolutionary idea in the world of new technologies, a logical and healthy return to the human-oriented vision of biotechnology. Leveraging technology the human body already possesses, with its ready-to-use bio-battery that is activated by all types of liquids, BeFC is committed to fulfilling its mission: to provide low-cost, low-impact microelectronics in the next generation of smart and sustainable products.

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