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The attorney general said that the Israeli prime minister acted illegally by getting involved in judicial reform

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Jerusalem (CNN) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attorney general, Gali Bahrav Mayara, said in an open letter on Friday that he acted illegally when he announced Thursday that he would participate directly in his government’s moves to change the country’s justice system.

You stated last night publicly that you intended to contravene the Supreme Court’s ruling and act contrary to the advice of the government’s attorney you wrote and said the statement was an “unlawful and tainted conflict of interest”.

The decision raises the stakes in a national debate that has sent tens of thousands of demonstrators onto Israel’s streets, caused reservists to refuse training, and drawn criticism from corporations and financiers, former military and intelligence chiefs and international allies, including the United States. president. Joe Biden.

Netanyahu leaves 10 Downing Street after meeting British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London, Friday, March 24, 2023.

It comes after the Netanyahu government pushed through a law on Thursday that effectively strips the courts of the power to declare a prime minister unfit for office.

Hours later, Netanyahu said in an address to the nation that he would personally participate in the package of controversial measures to reform the country’s judicial system. Until then, Netanyahu’s allies have publicly led the campaign, including Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Smcha Rothman, chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution, Laws and Justice Committee.

In his message, Netanyahu said: “Until today my hands were tied. No more. Entering the event, for the good of the people and the country, I will do everything in my power to find a solution and calm the spirit in the nation.”

Bahrav Mayara’s letter referred to a court-mandated conflict-of-interest agreement that Netanyahu agreed to in order to allow him to form a government despite his trial on multiple corruption allegations.

“En tant que Premier ministre accusé de crimes, vous devez vous abstenir d’actions qui soulevent des préoccupations raisonnables d’un conflit d’interetes entre vos interérêts personnels dans la procédure penale et votre rôle de Premier ministre,” lui at- writes.

A source close to Netanyahu was in London to meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday, and he denied breaking the law or violating a conflict of interest agreement.

“The prime minister’s announcement yesterday has nothing to do with his personal affairs,” the source said.

The dispute will likely end in the Supreme Court.

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