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Scooter sales increased | Caisse des dépôts held up well

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No. Today ➡ 759,000 | Selling electric scooters It saw an increase in terms of sales volume in 2022, despite a 16% decrease in units sold, according to the Federation of Precision Mobility Professionals (FPMM). Scooters for beginners decreased, while the upper ranges are in between 300 and 800 euros Its popularity increased. This price increase is due to the market becoming more mature. Customers look to ensure the range and power of scooters for everyday use. Prefer specialized supermarkets to online sales. More than two million French people now use motorized personal transport, mainly electric scooters, according to a survey of 861 owners of electric scooters or unicycles. 63% of users choose these machines for their time savings and 24% for their environmental aspect.

News ➡ Caisse des dépôts reports strong net profit despite turmoil in financial markets in 2022 | Depositary fund It recorded a strong net income of 4.2 billion euros for 2022 despite challenging market conditions. savings accountwhich manages a large part of the organized savings for the French, recorded a significant increase in its results despite a fourfold increase in the rate of booklet. The general division, which includes all other activities of the fund, witnessed a decrease in its net profit due to the depreciation of some assets. The CDC will pay the state an amount of 2.4 billion euros And prepare to participate in the rescue of the Orpea nursing home group. However, the burden of regulated savings rewards is expected to double in 2023.

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