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IconX.World, Web3’s new racing experience

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Icon.X is the perfect blend of high level racing, mechanics and Web3.

The project aims to eliminate the problems of access to the very closed circuit of auto racing, both in terms of logistics and finances. It offers all car and racing enthusiasts the opportunity to live an intense and adrenaline-filled experience from the comfort of their living room. Icon.X includes all economic dimensions of racing: sponsorship, team integration, prize money, classification, etc. The idea is really to deliver an immersive experience with maximum realism down to the last detail. Delve deeper into the world of Icon.X in this exclusive interview with Jonathan Behar, at the origins of this major project.

Can you tell us more about the history of Icon.X World and the origins of the project? How and why was this concept born?

Icon. X It is the result of my passion for technology, innovation and video games, especially racing games. An engineer by training and an entrepreneur for over twenty years, I have always been fascinated by emerging technologies and groundbreaking projects.

Since 2017, I have been passionate about blockchain technology, convinced that it is a major revolution. I have also organized huge and highly charged conferences, “Crypto Apéro” training and Blockchain Masterclass.

Last year, I decided to sell my consulting company to the Keyrus Group to devote myself entirely to Icon.X, a project that makes me vibrate and put all my energy and creativity into it!

The original idea was to launch a dealership in the metaverse with automotive design experts. However, digging deeper into the matter, I discovered that no metaverse dedicated to the world of racing is able to offer fans of the beautiful mechanics an experience that allows them to feel the thrill of real racing. Icon. X This shortcoming is addressed through the use of Web3 technology.

After several months of hard work with a dedicated team, Icon.X was born. Our ambition is to create a racing-specific Metafire tire that brings together the various players in the sector, generates economic challenges and, above all, offers gamers and car enthusiasts a unique gaming experience, rich in emotions and excitement.

Can you explain why Icon.X World chose to combine motor racing with a customization tool and a shared experience?

The huge success of games like Fortnite, with its endless customization possibilities, and Roblox, which draws on the combined experience and creativity of its users, has inspired us to incorporate these features into the world of motorsports. Icon.X allows players to customize their cars with unique skins and NFT’s. This designation reflects their membership in the community (official team or clan) and their personal identity.

We are also committed to encouraging modders, this talented community that designs circuits and cars to constantly enrich the gaming world. Their creations offer the gaming community a highly realistic and ever-evolving experience. To make these creations easier to access, we’ll group them into a dedicated marketplace. Right now, mods are hard to find and install, which makes the experience frustrating and unfriendly. By concentrating mods on this platform, we simplify the search and installation of mods, keeping only the best ones.

Icon.X World is a fusion between the worlds of Racing and Web 3, inspired by the best of Fortnite and Roblox

Over the years, Formula 1 has gained popularity all over the world. How does Icon.X contribute to the democratization of the sport?

Car racing is attracting more and more followers, and the number of young people is growing thanks to the Netflix series “Driving to Survive”, but it is often reserved for the elite. Icon.X aims to democratize this universe by offering a virtual racing experience available to enthusiasts.

Icon.X offers a skill-based and ranking competition system that offers amateur players the opportunity to live an experience close to professional competition, with all the sensations and emotions that come with it. The virtual world makes it possible to overcome the financial and logistical obstacles of real races, even if the sensations are not exactly the same.

While entertainment remains at the heart of Icon.X, we pay special attention to performance and skill development. With this in mind, we are launching Icon.X School, an educational program for gamers. Beginners will appreciate their ability to progress and see that time spent in Icon.X really develops their experimental skills.

Icon.X School will allow these players to learn from professional pilots, thus promoting knowledge transfer and continuous improvement of their skills.

Icon.X pushes the boundaries of accessibility and gives everyone a chance to fully experience their passion for motor racing.

Icon.X rewards its players, can you tell us more about how it works? Can a player make a living playing your game?

We have several game modes:

  • Overtaking: Single mode where you have to overtake as many cars as possible on a highway with traffic managed by artificial intelligence. Every day, the person with the most points wins the bet.
  • Competitions between friends with or without betting.
  • The Icon.X Grand Prix where 5 official brand-owned teams compete against the top 5 clans owned by Web3 communities and players.

At Icon.X, we want to reward the efforts and talents of our players. Whether they are solo pilots or members of a clan, they can win rewards in cryptocurrency, in the form of airdrops or in kind by competing against other competitors. Our primary goal is to provide our players with an immersive and engaging experience. Icon.X is a bit like poker, as soon as there is a bet, even a low one, the intensity goes up a bit and the atmosphere becomes electrified! But in Icon.X, forget about serendipity; Only your skills matter.

Although our goal is not to quit the world of entertainment, it is possible for a talented gamer and investor to earn a lot of income thanks to his performance on Icon.X. Who knows, maybe someday driving in Icon.X will become a real profession for some!

Right now, we are focused on creating an exciting and rewarding gaming environment, where players are rewarded for their skills and achievements.

What experience do you give players? How does the Icon.X project push the boundaries of user experience, particularly thanks to Web3?

Icon.X pushes the boundaries of the existing racing gaming experience by offering users new features: advanced customization capabilities, a sense of belonging to a community, unfalsifiable ranking and an economic system (reward for moderates, cash prizes…). This complete ecosystem is made possible through the use of blockchain and smart contracts.

In short, the Icon.X experience is a bit like driving the car of your dreams that you can customize with limited edition skins and your very own NFTs, while being encouraged to outdo yourself, for yourself, for your clan. Or for its stability and with it a reward system based on your performance. Very exciting, isn’t it?

Technically, how does the platform work? What is the process of integrating the world of Icon.X? Can you describe the player’s first steps in your world?

To plunge into the world of Icon.X, future pilots must first install our PC application and the Assetto Corsa game, on which we are based. Once they take this step, they are free to participate in fiery contests, free or paid, according to their preference.

The experiment doesn’t stop there! Users can personalize their vehicle and express their identity. They also have the possibility to join one of 5 official teams or clans, which will become their family and support in this competitive world.

The pinnacle of adventure is undoubtedly the Icon.X Grand Prix, where our amateur pilots can participate in epic qualifications to be selected by a team, or score the most points to qualify their clan. Be part of the Icon.X legend. Your passion for racing and your thirst for victory will take you to unprecedented heights. The future of racing awaits!

What does Icon.X have in store for us in 2023? Can you tell us more about your immersive event concepts?

the year 2023 will be the culmination of hard work It’s been underway for over a year with the launch of the Icon.X app, the dedicated store, the Icon.X school in particular, and the development of partnerships with famous brands and stables (some already in the works).

but that is not all ! We also want to create immersive events that go beyond virtual reality. Imagine festivals that mix music with famous DJs, jam-packed booths and live circuit races, as well as other entertainment that will thrill your senses. For us, virtual magic and IRL interactions (Editor’s note: In Real Life) are complementary, and together they make for a unique experience.

Because, for us, nothing beats a good big party where members of the community come together to share memorable moments around a common passion!

Conclusion on Icon.X World

The Icon.X project has set itself the goal of democratizing racing by reducing barriers to entry in this closed universe thanks to Web 3. For enthusiasts and pilots at heart, the game really offers them the chance to fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot, find a sponsor, And to personalize their car, above all to invest their skills. Icon.X offers beginners as well as seasoned pilots who are passionate about the discipline an opportunity to improve their skills with the support of professional instructors and pilots. Thanks to the metaverse, pilots have the opportunity to live an immersive, exhilarating, intense and climax-driven experience.

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