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Easter Pick | The XXL tablet by Quentin Lechat, a gourmet creation at Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris

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Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris presents an artistic creation for Easter celebrations by Quentin Lechat, pastry chef.

Inspired by the contemporary art that permeates the entire hotel, the chef has created a XXL tablet Fun and original Easter. The shape of this unique piece is in itself a modern and gourmet work of art. To achieve this unique creation, Quentin Letchat Used chocolate dark milk stuff it b Praline Peanuts And delicious Caramelized peanuts. The rigor of the chocolate requires subtle gestures to make each creation unique. Pastry chefs do not use molds and each egg is worked and cut by hand making it a one of a kind piece. The chocolate base gives it the impression of melting little by little for a guaranteed gourmet effect.


Since 2021, Quentin Letchat He is the Executive Pastry Chef Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, the most Parisian mansions. His philosophy is simple: the essentials, without much technical proof, with an obsession with freshness and indulgence. For him, Candy should be sober, self-sufficient, respectful of her address and not be too talkative. Simplicity and elegance, this is his ideal. Quentin Letchat He trained at CEPROC, the European Center for Culinary Professions, before making the most of his first experiences and playing his first role as a pastry chef at the 5-star Hotel La Trémoille, where he was able to let his creativity do the talking. He was then noticed by Novotel-Les-Halles who offered to organize their own tea time in March 2018, before finishing among the best in Paris. In July 2019, he created a sensation by winning an award Grand Pastry Prize In its version of Paris-Brest in the form of a Paris pavé, it is a dessert that has long impressed the public’s minds.

Royal Monceau Hotel – Raffles Paris And Quentin Letchat Once again at the forefront of the stage with their artistic Easter creations, both aesthetically and gastronomically, that will delight the taste buds and eyes of chocolate and art lovers. Easter Disc by Quentin Letchat At a price of 90 euros. Available at Click & Collect over the Easter period and for pre-order from Saturday 1st April to Friday 7th April 2023. Withdrawal is possible from Saturday 8th to Wednesday 12th April.

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