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The Gambia joins the rest of the world in celebrating Francophonie

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The event is celebrated in style with student entertainment, and is celebrated in francophone countries all over the world, including the Gambia.

It was held at the Theater of the Open Alliance, and brought together a large crowd of government officials, teachers, and French officials from the Alliance Francaise de Banjul, among others.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Osman Bah, representative of the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, expressed his happiness while emphasizing the significance of this day for The Gambia. Surrounded by Senegal, he said, the Gambia is unmistakably part of the Francophonie and therefore should be part of the week of celebration of militancy.

He said, “French was only taught in secondary schools, but now we are happy to say that the language is now available in primary and lower secondary schools to help students speak the language better.”

Justin Guchelbourg, Director of the French Alliance, welcomed the dignitaries and participants of such an important event, stressing the importance of the celebration that takes place all over the world in March every year.

Haunted by the goals of the French alliance, he said he aims to promote the French language and cross-cultural exchanges.

The event concluded with interesting cultural and educational performances by students from different schools in the Greater Banjul region.

The International Organization of La Francophonie celebrates La Francophonie Day on March 20 every year to celebrate the French language and Francophone culture. It is celebrated in memory of the Niamey Agreement of 1970, which was signed by francophone countries to align their common interests.

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