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Entrepreneurship: 7 Effective Habits You Can Try At Least Once

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If you want to know where you will be in ten years, look at what you do every day. Humans are creatures of habit, so you can assume that you’ll pretty much do the same things. Small changes in a course can change a course so drastically, that you won’t even notice it at first. Here are seven effective habits you can try at least once, and how to implement them in less than 30 days.

Getting up at five in the morning.

The period before sunrise is favorable. Everything is quiet, no one is asking for your attention, and you can do the things you need space to think about. Making the most of those early hours can lead to a productive and happy day.

Create a habit by starting gradually or going straight ahead. Gradually start getting up 15 minutes earlier each day and adjust your bedtime accordingly. Your body will adjust, and soon it will start at 5 in the morning. You may feel bad for the first few mornings, then you will know what to expect and your biological clock will do the same.

Make bold requests

Great victories come to those who ask without exception. Stop believing that you are waiting to be discovered. It’s a legend. Instead of hoping to get chosen, ask those who can help you. Email an author who inspires you, sign up for a new challenge, and ask to meet a great boss. You may be surprised who will fulfill your wish.

Get in the habit of making bold requests by making one request per day. With the intention of declining, send an email, make a call, or ask a question. There is no pressure to say yes, you just develop the skill of bold confidence and see what happens.


Meditation has many amazing benefits, one of which is that it realigns your mind so that you can focus better. Focus is one of the great powers of a business.

It is not necessary to devote hours to meditation every day. Starting with 10 minutes can make a big difference, and you’ll probably catch up with those 10 minutes later when you’re less distracted during a work project. Make it a habit by setting a daily reminder at the same time each morning or downloading a meditation app to guide you.

to thank

If you’re used to saying “thank you,” you’re used to receiving. Yet many people do. Thank your team every time they do a good job. Thank your parents for raising you. Thank everyone who opened a door for you, gave you a helping hand, or said a kind word.

No one is truly self-taught, everyone got there through being supported by others. Remember who these people are and let them know that you are grateful to them. Get in the habit of saying thank you starting today. Give more verbal thanks than usual and have the salespeople ready to step in when a card or box of chocolates is needed.

Business days without meetings

You can get more done in a workday without a meeting. The space gives you time to think, breathe, and imagine a greater future for your business. This means that you can immerse yourself in your work and projects without looking at the clock. Dive into ideas that can move the needle dramatically.

For it to become a habit, you must first choose a day. One day, next week, when you’re not making appointments or making calls. If all goes well, repeat the process the following week, then make it a repeat event. Soon you’ll wonder what you would have done without that day without a meeting.

Journalists approach

Here’s a secret about journalists: They love it when you make it easy for them. If you communicate to them relevant ideas they want to write about, they are more likely to work with you. Another secret: they often use the same sources over and over again. This means that once you are on their radar, you can maintain your position with relative ease.

It is customary to engage in communication with journalists. When you read an article on a topic related to your field, write who the author is. Send them an email and recommend them for future articles. Tell them why you liked what they wrote. Be helpful and offer ideas. Follow up and follow until they ask you for quotes and put your thoughts into their words.

Pay attention to customer feedback

When large companies fail, it is usually because they have become disconnected from their customers. Although they did not start out that way, over time they have grown old and distanced themselves from the people on earth they serve. Customer services are outsourced rather than owned by the owner. Separation ensued.

Get in the habit of looking at customer opinions and acting on them. Ensure there are channels for collecting, reviewing and following up on feedback. Make it a habit and keep it even as your business grows. The best companies are keen to know what their customers are thinking and do so all the time. Make your business a part of it.

Getting up early, making bold requests, reflecting, and saying thank you can lead to great success. Follow them up by organizing non-meeting business days, communicating with reporters, and collecting customer feedback. Imagine the future of the entrepreneur who set out to make each of these elements a habit.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Judy Cook

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