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Employment trends for 2023

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Transportation, logistics, hotels, restaurants, trade, banking, finance or even the food industry… Many sectors have been understaffed, and that’s been going on for months.

This situation, according to the latest Adecco Analytics metric, is likely to intensify during the year. Here are some employment trends for 2023.

Some numbers on employment trends in 2023

According to a BMO survey by Pôle emploi, 58% of the hiring operations conducted by companies in 2022 are considered particularly challenging. This also represents an increase of 13% compared to 2021. In addition, according to Pôle emploi, the Employment difficulties It concerns almost all sectors of activity, but also all companies, regardless of their size.

Therefore, the year 2023 promises to be very difficult for companies due to the severe shortage of talents in the labor market. With a market geared specifically towards candidates, this trend is unfortunately not ready to stop. According to the Adecco Analytics Observatory, more than 4.5 million hirings planned in 2023. The metric also determines that these recruitments concern not only all market segments, but also all regions combined, with about 2 million in permanent contracts and 30% in fixed-term contracts.

To deal effectively with this staffing shortage and all the difficulties related to hiring, companies are using new strategies. This consists mostly of monetization, but also of Speed ​​up the recruitment process. If it is too long, the employer risks missing several applications.

Sectors and professions facing difficulties

There will be severe shortages in many sectors of activity as well as some jobs during 2023. Among them, we can mention certain areas such as health, construction and renovation, carbon-free mobility or logistics. technology.

If we take for example jobs in the health sector, there is a significant increase in supply. These are indeed the most employed professions in 2023, even if this sector has a reputation for not experiencing a crisis. According to figures published by Pôle emploi, there will be a shortage of 240,000 people in the health sector by 2024. This is precisely the staff responsible for caring for the elderly at home or working in nursing homes.

According to Isabelle Rouhane, head of the Observatory of Future Professions and Colibri Talent, this staff shortage is mainly caused by the “abandonment” of health professionals. The latter would prefer to engage in an environment outside the hospital, where working conditions are better, to the detriment of the hospital sector. in stripdrug industrychanging the location of production of certain molecules, such as paracetamol for example, will also create new needs.

Personnel needs are also felt in other areas such as transportation and logistics. Companies are understaffed in jobs such as bus, truck and train drivers. Staffing shortages also affect the construction sector, particularly in the field of energy renewal. The sector already needs qualified profiles for the installation of heat pumps or for internal insulation, among other things. the Information technology and digital professions You also suffer from a lot of stress. By 2030, there will be approximately 120,000 graduated computer engineers in the job market.

What sectors will be employed in 2023?

Most of the sectors facing difficulty will have to go through the “employment” square to stabilize their workforce and ensure the continuity of their activities. Among the environments in which most will be recruited during the year, we note Recovery. Summer season is fast approaching and organizations are already anticipating their needs, especially waiter jobs. According to Pôle Emploi, recruitment has exceeded 190,000 offers.

Another sector that should see a boom in terms of hiring this year is the logistics sector as many professions need candidates. This is especially the case Order collectors It expects 190,000 candidates or truck drivers who are currently looking for more than 82,000 people. Recruitment will also take place in the distribution sector, where many needs will be reported.

In 2023, the health sector will register many appointments, especially for nurses and nursing assistants. The industry is also recording some hiring, in particular in the aviation and agro-food sectors. Finally, higher-level occupations such as salespeople, accountants, or computer scientists will also be in high demand in the labor market. This will also be the case for business services such as professional space cleaning or security.

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