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The most beautiful vineyards in the world, according to Instagram users!

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With health restrictions lifted and fine weather arriving, why not plan a stay at one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world.

Instagram has always been a go-to for vacation inspiration, whether it’s a spa getaway or a trip to the golf course. The app lists the most beautiful places in the world and provides valuable vacation ideas for those users.

According to a recent study by The Thinking Traveler, a luxury travel site that specializes in booking high-end island villas in Italy, Greece, Corsica, and Spain, Instagram users have voted for 15 exceptional wineries, all of which deserve to be on your list of potential next vacation places.

Here is the ranking of the 15 most popular wineries among Instagram users:

  1. Castillo de AmorosaNapa Valley, California, USA: 83,873 posts with the hashtag #castellodiamorosa
  2. Carneros drugNapa Valley, CA, USA: 43,950 posts with the hashtag #domainecarneros
  3. Hereridros del Marques de RiscalEltziego, lava, Spain: 40,278 posts with the hashtag #marquesderiscal
  4. Chateau La CosteLe Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France: 37,690 posts with the hashtag #chateaulacoste
  5. Wilson Creek WineryTemecula, CA, USA: 35,680 posts with the hashtag #wilsoncreekwinery
  6. Wolver Real EstateSagaponack, New York, USA: 21,666 posts with the hashtag #wolfferestate
  7. Mission Hill Family EstateWest Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: 18,165 posts with the hashtag #missionhillwinery
  8. Marchesi Antinoriseveral domains in Italy, Chile and Napa Valley, California, US: 16,948 posts with the hashtag #marchesiantinori
  9. Spier wine farmStellenbosch, South Africa: 11,970 posts with the hashtag #spierwinefarm
  10. Scribe Winery, SonomaCalifornia, USA: 11,321 posts using the hashtag #scribewinery
  11. Denbies Wine Estate, DorkingSurrey, UK: 10,396 posts with the hashtag #denbieswineestate
  12. Oller Del MasBarcelona, ​​Spain: 9,874 posts with the hashtag #ollerdelmas
  13. Bodega bozaMontevideo, Uruguay: 9,567 posts with the hashtag #bodegagarzon
  14. Garzon bodegaMaldonado, Uruguay: 8,749 posts with the hashtag #bodegagarzon
  15. Chateau Bab ClémentPessac, France: 8,552 posts with the hashtag #chateaupapeclement

To develop this ranking, The Thinking Traveler teams set out to put together a list of the best vineyards in the world based on official rankings. Next, they analyzed Instagram to see how many hashtags were associated with each vineyard. To avoid random images of wine bottles or any other image than a vineyard, The Thinking Traveler team narrowed their searches to hashtags including the vineyard name and the word “vineyard” before sorting them in numerical order depending on the number of images that appear.

The study by The Thinking Traveler also sheds light on the wineries that Instagram users love most in Greece, Italy, Spain, the US and the UK.

Eleven of the 15 most popular wineries in the United States are located in California: Castello di Amorosa, Domaine Carneros, Wilson Creek Winery, Scribe Winery, Folktale Winery, Darioush, Del Dotto Vineyards, Cass Winery, Andretti Winery, Pride Mountain Vineyards, and Tank Winery garage. The other four vineyards are located in New York (Wölffer Estate), Texas (Grape Creek Vineyards), New Jersey (Beneduce Vineyards) and Michigan (Mari Vineyards).

In France, the majority of the fifteen wineries most popular with Instagrammers are in Bordeaux, while a handful are located in Provence, Burgundy, and the Rhone Valley. In Spain, the distribution is more evenly distributed between the vineyards of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Rioja-Alavsa, Navarre, Menorca, Majorca, Castile, León, La Rioja, Andalusia, Álava and Cadiz.

The most Instagrammed wineries in Italy are in Tuscany, while the rest are in Sicily and Puglia. Santorini vineyards come first in Greece, the others are in Crete, Paros, Samos, Attica, Kotsi, Thessaloniki, Neflion and Zagorochoria. In the UK, Instagram users raved about wineries across England (Surrey, Cornwall, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Kent, Suffolk, Hampshire) as well as Rhonda Cynon Tuff in Wales.

The study also proves that no matter where you are in the world, beautiful vineyards are waiting to be visited. While many have turned to virtual tours or other experiences because of the pandemic, other wineries are opening their doors with enthusiasm. Raise your glass for perseverance, support your nearest vineyards and wineries, and don’t forget to take some pics for Instagram!

Translated article from Forbes US – Author: Kaeli Conforti

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