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How do you become a billionaire? These industries have the most billionaires in the Forbes rankings

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This year, the vast majority of billionaires in the ranking Forbes It mainly comes from these 10 sectors of activity.

the 2668 billionaires included in the order Forbes The year 2022 built his fortune in many ways: by creating pet food or soy sauce brands, exploiting copper and zinc mines, manufacturing glass, developing real estate empires, and so on. Some billionaires made their entire fortunes, others inherited it.

However, many of the billionaires present in the ranking have one thing in common: They either made their fortune in the financial world or inherited a fortune in this sector. This year, the sector with the most billionaires is finance and investments, with 393 billionairesalso Almost 15% of the ranking. This is an increase from last year. In fact, in 2021 the finance and investment sector was also in the lead, with 371 billionaires in order. This sector includes hedge funds, private equity moguls, traditional bankers, fintech founders, fund managers, venture capitalists and billionaires who have made investments in various sectors.

in this industry, Warren Buffett He is the richest. Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Group Berkshire Hathaway A fortune estimated at $118 billionalso 22 billion more than last year. He is the fifth richest person in the world. Other billionaires in the financial world are still not known to the public. Changpeng Zhao, better known as “Czechoslovakia”, is the second richest person in the financial world in the ranking this year. Czechoslovakia founded the cryptocurrency exchange binance, which has become one of the largest corporations in the world. With the new estimate of CZ’s stake in Binance (at least 70%) and the higher valuation of the company’s earnings, Forbes estimated Czechoslovakia’s wealth $65 billion, up from $1.9 billion last year. Cryptocurrency trading took off, and with it the fortunes of Czechoslovakia.

The year was marked by a slowdown in the supply chain (including the notable sinking of several shipping companies), but manufacturing became the billionaire’s second most affluent sector after finance and investment. Demand for goods from consumers and businesses has not slowed down, allowing the manufacturing industry to see a resurgence 36 new billionaires. Among the newcomers are Italians Isabella SragnoliHeiress and director of a packaging company coesiawhich produces packaging for products ranging from cigarettes to Indian cosmetics Vivek Jainwhose company, Gujarat FluorochemicalsIt manufactures industrial chemicals and gases.

The technology sector is well known as the engine of innovation on a global level 332 billionairesThat makes it the third largest sector this year, down one point from last year. The technological fortunes of the early Internet age still rank high today: the top ten tech fortunes are those of the founders of companies like GoogleAnd inspiration And Microsoftall of which were launched decades ago. Forbes They previously ranked social media moguls as a tech industry, but this year, Forbes Institutional Rank FBAnd instagramAnd pinterestAnd snap chatAnd Byte Dancethe parent company of Tik Tokin the media and entertainment industry to better reflect how these companies operate.

however, 38 new tech billionaires Also joined the ranking. Among them are Australians Melanie Perkins And Cliff Obrechtfounders of a graphic design software company He can gowhose origins reach $6.5 billion ; And Tang Xiaofounder of the Chinese artificial intelligence company SenseTimeKnown for its facial recognition capabilities. US investors were prevented from buying shares in the company’s initial public offering in Hong Kong in December because of the sanctions.

The fourth sector with the most billionaires is fashion and retail, with 250 billionaires. On top of the luxury conglomerate LVMHAnd Bernard Arnault Still at the top, with a fortune estimated at $158 billion. The fashion sector welcomes newcomers this year: Zhang KongyuanPresident of the Taiwanese community Hawally Industrial Groupwhich manufactures athletic shoes. Phalguni Nayarthere Self-made woman The richest in India, he also joins the ranking with a fortune estimated at $4.5 billion.

The health sector comes in fifth place b 217 billionaires. among the newcomers, Jeff Tangney He is the richest with a fortune estimated at $2.4 billion. Founded by Jeff Tangney proximity, which is a social platform for doctors that went public last June. the Dilip brothers And Anand Suranafrom India, also joined the ranking: they lead the pharmaceutical company Micro Labswhich provides cardiology and pain management medications to the Asia Pacific market.

While prestigious industries such as sports, media, and entertainment can boast many multi-millionaire athletes, actors, and producers, those with fortunes running into the billions are usually the privileged few who own equity in profitable brands and companies. The sports industry has three new billionaires this year, incl Tom Wernerpresident red socksAnd Ken Kendrickthe managing partner of Arizona Diamondbacks. However, in 27 billionaires In the sports sector, only one is a professional athlete: Michael Jordanwhose fortune is estimated at $1.7 billion By participating in Charlotte Hornets.

Here is the full list of industries with the most billionaires:

No. 1 | Finance and investment

393 billionaires | 15% of the order

The richest person in this sector: Crowded buffet ($ 118 billion), CEO Berkshire Hathaway It owns several stakes in more than 60 companies, including Duracell And Dairy Queen.

#2 | industry

337 billionaires | 13% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: It’s Xiangjian ($ 28.3 billion), founder of the home appliance maker Media Group. The company has more than 200 subsidiaries and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

#3 | techniques

332 billionaires | 12% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: Jeff Bezos ($ 171 billion), founder of the e-commerce giant Amazon. The second richest person in the world, he also owns Washington Post and rocket company blue origin.

No. 4 | Fashion and retail

250 billionaires | 9% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: Bernard Arnault ($ 158 billion), CEO LVMHwhich owns more than 70 brands, incl Louis VuittonAnd Tiffany & Co. And Sephora.

No. 5 | health

217 billionaires | 8% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: Cyrus Poonawalla ($ 24.3 billion), founder of a company Serum Institute of Indiathe largest vaccine manufacturer in the world (in terms of doses).

No. 6 | Food and drinks

203 billionaires | 8% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: Zhong Shanshan ($65.7 billion) Chairman of the Bottled Water Company Nongfu Spring. He also controls the company Beijing Wantai Biological pharmacylisted on the stock exchange.

#7 | Real estate

193 billionaires | 7% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: Lee Shaw Kee ($ 32.6 billion), co-founder of the real estate development company Sun Hong Kai. Before that, create Henderson Land Development in 1976, a company that makes up the majority of his fortune.

#8 | diverse

180 billionaires | 7% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: Mukesh Ambani ($90.7 billion), Chairman Reliance Industries. The company has interests in petrochemicals, oil and gas, retail and telecommunications.

#9 | Media and entertainment

109 billionaires | 4% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: Michael Blumberg ($ 82 billion), co-founder of the financial information and media company Bloomberg ll.

#10 | energy

95 billionaires | 4% of the ranking

The richest person in this sector: hongwei fan ($18.2 billion) Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fiber Supply Company Hengli PetrochemicalWhich manufactures polyester and textiles.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: James O’Donnell

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