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Studying real estate: Is it the right time to buy for first time buyers?

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Buy to expand, that is the question today in the current context of the brakes on the purchasing power of real estate. and lo access to property makes it possible to acquire space in medium-sized cities, I’A special study for first-time buyers* reveals how the French struggle to invest.

Is this the right time to buy?

While the real estate market is characterized by a net decrease in the number of loans granted and lower prices across France, 67% of renters see real estate as still a safe bet in terms of investment, and 9 out of 10 dream of being homeowners. In this current context of rising prices, loss of purchasing power for real estate and more stringent conditions for accessing credit, real estate site SeLoger has just presented a study of first-time buyers which highlights the distress of the latter: they are only 22% to estimate that the time is right to buy with 77% of renters who They expect a new rise in interest rates.

Does becoming a landlord allow you to gain space?

To the question that torments the latter “Should we start?”, Barbara Castillo-Resco, head of economic studies at SeLoger, answers with a kind of pragmatism: “While it is true that the market is recording lower property prices, a wait-and-see attitude is not necessarily always the best option. In fact, the current situation of both of them must be taken into account. For example, for profiles whose investment rate is already close to the imposed cap of 35% indebtedness, waiting could hurt their access to credit. Because in parallel with this drop in prices, interest rates must continue to rise and real estate prices will have to witness a sharp decline to compensate for this rise in prices, which will not happen in the short term.. “

Cities where homeownership saves space

For tenants who are reluctant to make a purchase decision, their motive is to be able to move to a larger area, however it emerges from the study that, of the 51 largest cities in France, they became owners in 20% of them. Space can be saved compared to renting with an equivalent monthly payment: Mulhouse (gain 38m2), Saint-Etienne (gain 27m2), Bourges (gain 21m2), Calais (gain 10m2). It should be noted that these cities – unsurprisingly – remain affordable: 1358€/m2 in Mulhouse, 1450€/m2 in Saint-Étienne, 1671€/m2 in Bourges.

* Special study for first time SeLoger buyers

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