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RC Quimper suffers one of the losses of the year against Saint-Nazaire (125-5)

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Traveling to Saint-Nazaire this weekend, RC Quimper experienced a veritable nightmare during Day 15 of Federal 3. The Artists suffered a head-and-shoulders (125-5) disaster that will surely remain etched in the memory.

Even if they expected nothing from this meeting, such a humiliation must have been trotting for some time in the Quimpérois’ heads. Focusing on their upcoming matches against Grand Champs and Fougères, two essential meetings of the province, Philippe Gouen’s men returned to the Loire-Atlantique without real ambitions. Although the difference in level between the two formations was already known, no one would have bet on a show of this nature. RC Kemper has already conceded 125 points including 19 tries against Saint-Nazaire. A record that has not been beaten for decades at Federal 3.

Nothing ever goes wrong at RC Quimper

What to say except that Britton were already ahead (26-0) after only ten minutes of play, crushed by the physical pressure of the two counterparts, and never managed to create difficulties for their opponents. Sayf al-Din’s Cordoba associates suffered through the entire meeting without showing the slightest sign of rebellion. However, Martial Roche managed to score a try to open Finistère’s counter. But can we talk about the honor saved when we conceded 125 points in one game? This defeat propelled RC Quimper to the penultimate second place in the championship.

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