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portrait of Ayman Kari, the nugget of Paris Saint-Germain on loan in Morbihan

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FC Lorient formalized the loan recruitment of young Ayman Kari from PSG at the end of the transfer window. A talent in the raw state which could fully reveal itself under the orders of Régis Le Bris.

Barred by competition at Paris Saint-Germain, the 18-year-old midfielder wanted to gain playing time in Ligue 1 to finally confirm his talent at the highest level. He therefore signed up in the form of a loan (with an option to buy) for six months which can then be extended over the next season. And even if he has not yet played a single minute with the Hakes, Ayman Kari should be able to gain importance in the Lorient workforce over the months.

A pure Parisian Titi

While he started football at Villejuif, the midfielder joined the Paris Saint-Germain training center at the age of 11. During his youth career, he never ceased to impress his comrades and coaches with his determination on the field. Once he arrived in U19, Ayman Kari chained impressive performances in the league, in the Coupe Gambardella, but also in the Youth League. The Francilien also has 12 appearances (for 4 assists) in this competition often presented as “the Champions League for youth”. He notably contributed to the qualification of his team in the round of 16 this season.

… in lack of playing time at PSG

To reward his regular work, the French U19 international (3 selections) won the title of Titi d’or in 2021 ahead of other nuggets from the Parisian training center such as Xavi Simons and Ismaël Gharbi. The path to the first team then seemed clear for the young player of Comorian origin. But at PSG more than at any club, it is difficult if not impossible to find a place alongside the incumbents. Even if he trains every day with the professional group, Ayman Kari has still not played any Ligue 1 match unlike Warren Zaire-Emery, Ilyes Housni or El Chadaille Bitshiabu.

Ayman Kari wants to reveal himself in Lorient

Approached for a time by Bayern Munich, he nevertheless preferred to sign his first contract with his training club a few weeks ago, before being loaned to FC Lorient. A versatile midfielder capable of evolving as a torchbearer and sentry, the Parisian knows how to multiply his efforts to recover the ball while showing himself to be technically clean. He could therefore prove himself in Ligue 1 during the second part of the season before, why not, becoming a Morbihan player definitively.

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