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Odacia Group, which supports the growth of companies in the e-commerce sector

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While the e-commerce sector is operating at full speed, especially since the period associated with Covid-19, many structures are taking advantage of this dynamism to develop their activity. This is the case of the Odacia Group Holding Company which, through acquisitions, supports companies in this sector in order to stimulate their growth.

With a mission to bring together the most promising players on the web and give them the means to grow and reach their full potential, investment company Audacia Group wants to bet on bold players who want to continue their development in a faster way. “We want to integrate companies and give them the keys to reach their full potential by supporting different aspects of their business”explains Alexandre Bonvin, CEO and founder of the holding company.

Thus, the Audacia Group provides each structure with a common resource center that includes various services related to finance, accounting and logistics. “It is a particularly effective plug and play system that allows for a real synergy of skills between different companies”Alexandre Bonvin continues.

Discover new nuggets

Stickerkid, SweetPlaid, IdealVoyance, La Ferme du CBD, several companies that have come under the auspices of the Audacia Group and which, today, are among the benchmark brands in the portfolio. ” we We are interested in companies that we consider to have strong potential, especially in niche markets. » The goal is to take these businesses to the next level by giving them the tools to thrive in the ever-changing e-commerce industry.

Always looking for new nuggets to integrate into its structure, the Swiss holding company now wants to continue its growth, while reinforcing the style that has made it successful today. Enough to continue to benefit from the current good momentum provided by the e-commerce sector.

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