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Getting lost in the mountains or confused in the city becomes difficult. MHIKES appeared on the market and proposes to guide you through Hiking, walking, or cycling in the mountains or in urban areas. Even without a network. Let’s follow the journey of a tracing and tagging company of the ways.

At the service of tour operators and holiday villages

Founded in 2014 by three mountain enthusiasts, Mix It allows you to stroll without fear of getting lost and without a net. Your guidance will be facilitated by the application that you will download to your smartphone. wherever you are. in the mountains or in the city. Before detailing MHIKES’ operations and advantages, a brief overview of the past. In 2014, the company preferred to work from B to C. Since 2016, many local authorities have begun to seek their services in order to promote hiking trails. Having expanded its sphere of action to tour operators, the company adds to the number of its collaborators several holiday clubs and campsites. Meanwhile, Decathlon has taken a close interest in this innovative company, becoming its majority shareholder in 2020. Then MHIKES decided to strengthen the B to C side of its services to provide its users with nature close to home. To further develop its services.

Currently, three markets are mainly invested by the company. For local authorities and tourist offices, MHIKES aims to be an ideal tool to allow visitors to the area to discover. Tour operators, for their part, are also among their special collaborators. Primary goal: light, paperless travel. All necessary cards are saved in the mobile application. It should be noted in this regard that MHIKES currently occupies 90% of the French tour operator market in this area. It has been published in a number of OECD member countries, as well as in

Australia and the United States. The creation of hiking trails, holiday clubs and campsites creates added value for vacationers. They can actually launch their app to discover hiking trails and routes marked by MHIKES around their place of residence. Then we understand that Azureva and Club Med are among the company’s clients.

It should also be noted that MHIKES offers its clients a “white label” solution. In other words, create a mobile app with your own name, tailored, customized, editable and published on the App Store and Google Play. MHIKES builds the app according to your needs and displays your name on the storefront.

Flexible and fun tracks

Let us now detail the operation of two applications offered by this company, the challenges they face and their advantages.

Let’s start with the Roadbook for discovery, an application that allows you to create a “digital travel diary”, which can be downloaded in pdf version. You will draw a route and have the possibility to add several partner establishments to it in order to suggest them to your customers: hotels and restaurants. The track can be tracked in three ways: either by importing a GPX file, or in the field using the mobile editor, or from a computer. In this case, all you have to do is place the markers on the map, and the route and intersections are generated automatically. In short, from the back office designed and provided by MHIKES you can create your own route book, adding the different stages and information for each day of the trip before sending it to the tourist before he leaves.

The MyClubMed Guide app allows clients of ClubMed Partners to walk independently using one of the specially designed paths at the club’s starting point. On the drawn route, you can find visits to villages, monuments, viewpoints, and churches. and activities such as sports activities or visits to tourist sites. Then the customer just has to download the map and follow the route on foot or by bike.

It is also worth noting two main advantages of these two applications. In a traditional GPS system, when you deviate from the route, the software redefines it so that you get to the destination point as quickly as possible. These two applications are not suitable for this. The course is defined, it must be followed. It would be unfortunate if you missed any steps listed in this step. For this, the apps will warn you every time you deviate from your lane. Attentive and accurate guide.

And useful in that. Because you can add interactive content. Road tourist information in the format of your choice (photos, videos, sounds, quizzes, etc.). When you approach a tourist or historical site, multimedia content is automatically played and allows you to listen to a brief presentation as you continue your journey.

So, whether you want to discover your area or offer perfect tour itineraries for your clients, MHIKES provides you with the digital tools and teaches you how to use them.

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