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Finisterión win the First Division against Morzine Avoriaz (4-2)

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The Albatross won Friday at the Morzine Ice Skating Rink (4-2) in the first two confrontations within 24 hours between the two teams.

The Albatross weekend started with a great victory and above all the leader’s place in Division 1. Great process 3 days before the end of the championship and especially before the play-offs. This match against the Penguins of Morzine came after a break during the first leg when a crack on the ice rink of Pristois prevented the end of the match.

An ideal first period for an albatross

Last Friday, the Breton team were on the right track from the first minutes of the game. By scoring 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, it was the beginning of a dream for Pavol Mihalik and his players. The scorers, Mathieu Tremblay (1-0, 5), Phil Sauko (2-0, 6) and Jacob Vrana (3-0, 8) allowed their team the advantage that almost decided the fate of the game. Breton’s mastery was evident and the difference in level between a contender on the climb and a team struggling to maintain itself was soon apparent on the ice.

The Bretons dominated the attacks Morzine

In short, it was Jerry Blazek’s teammates who scored the fourth goal of the evening through Mathieu Tremblay. Al-Kindi, the top scorer this season, scored his second goal of the match to allow his team to take a four-goal lead after just 22 minutes.

The Morzine penguins didn’t react long after that 5 minutes ago, they reduced the gap first thanks to Marc Schroer (4-1 27), and then through Blake Luscombe (4-2, 32 e).

Finisterians Saturday night should confirm this

The last twenty minutes were in favor of the Morzine-Avoriaz players, but Brest’s defense did not flinch and the score remained unchanged by the end of 60 minutes (4-2). This victory allows Albatross to take first place in the tournament with only 3 matches remaining in the regular season. And from this Saturday evening, they’ll find their way to the ice rink to find the penguins there for Chapter Two. With the aim of doing well on Friday and gaining confidence ahead of the play-offs.

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