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Women’s REC loses, but still in the race for playoffs Quimper continues just as Cesson Saint-Brieuc

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The Breton teams did well this weekend. In Ligue B, the economic group won on the floor of France Avenir 2024 (3-0). On the women’s elite side, Quimper has another home win against Clamart (3-0), REC, on the contrary, lost to Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (3-2), but can still believe in qualification.

Quimper continues its series

Having qualified for the play-offs, Finisteriennes had another goal at the end of the season, to retain the second place. In the face of Clamart, the daughters of François-Xavier Garnon did not give up. The first group fully proves this will (25-18). Despite a slight relaxation at the beginning of the second round, the gap between the two teams was large and Clamart was unable to put pressure on his opponent (25/16).

The third set was a formality for Victoria Foucher’s teammates as they only needed 21 minutes to wrap up this meeting (10/25). Success, the third in a row, which allows Breton women to gain confidence. The next meeting is against the poorly ranked Halluin. Perfect preparation before taking on Bordeaux (third place) on the last day of the tournament.

REC is still in the race to qualify

For its part, the women’s EC welcomed the leader Saint-Dié-des-Vosges in the hope of getting at least one point to stay in the qualifying race in the women’s elite. However, the match had a more complicated start for Rennes and the visitors took a two sets to 0 lead after 42 minutes of play. The outlook looked bleak for the Breton ladies but Yann Chubilleau’s tactical changes paid off. They returned to the match by winning the third set (21/25) and then the fourth set (26/28).

Despite such a good comeback, Rennes cracked the tiebreaker (9/15). A defeat but a point earned allows Breitlin to continue their dream of qualifying in the play-offs. A win by at least two sets is mandatory against Évreux on the penultimate day. However, fate is not just in the hands of Louise Narbonne’s teammates, as they must also hope for a slip from Ebrosene against Saint-Dieu-de-Vosges on the final day.

Sison Saint-Brieuc does the job

Facing a Red Lantern in the elite men’s division, victory was the only possible outcome. By signing off to a 3-0 victory in just over an hour, Briochins perfectly fulfilled the decade. During the minutes, the British advanced in the first set against Grenoble in difficulty (25/19). Despite some bad weather, the locals were able to keep their distance from their opponent of the day by pocketing the second set (25/18).

Despite their drive, the Isérois never gave up as they took advantage of some of Costa Rica’s shortcomings to stay connected. But in the end, it was the players of Valentine Brook who won the third and final set (25-20). Another victory in Stereden, the room where they have been simply unbeaten this season. The next meeting at home against Épinal, the victory will be synonymous with qualifying for the play-offs for Saint-Brieuc, second in its championship.

All results:

REC – Saint-Dié-des-Vosges: 2-3 (13/25; 17/25; 25/21; 28:26; 9/15)
29 – Clamart: 3-0 (25/18; 25/16; 25/10)

  • National 2 for women:

Nantes – REC 2 : 3–0 (25/17; 25/10; 25/8)
29 2 – UGS Seine West: 3–0 (25/21; 25/21; 25/14)

  • National 3 for women:

Saint Laurent Star Metropolis Brest – Nantes 3:2-3 (25/19; 18/25; 20/25; 25/16; 15/17)
56- Volleyball valvesMontgermont : 0–3 (23/25; 20/25; 20/25) CPB Ren 35 – ASPTT Laval: 3-0 (25/14; 25/22; 25/14)

France 2024 REC : 1–3 (14/25; 23/25; 25/20; 25/27)

Sisson St Brieuc – Grenoble: 3-0 (25/19; 25/18; 25/20)

  • National 2 men:

Bordeaux – San Renan Aeroise : 3-0 (25/17; 25/22; 25/17) Kloar-Aven VB 29 – Leskar: 1-3 (18/25; 22/25; 25/21; 24/26)
CPB Ren 35 – Niort: 1–3 (25/22; 21/25; 20/25; 19/25)

  • National 3 men:

3. RegistrationESP Bibriac Canton : 3-1 (25/18; 25/18; 17/25; 25/22)
Bonn – Orgerblon : 2-3 (17/25; 17/25; 25/18; 25/15; 13/15)
Marbie Champux – Laval: 0-3 (12/25; 18/25; 17/25) Paris — Sison Chanteby Fern : 1–3 (25/22; 22/25; 24/26; 20/25)
Sisson Saint-Brieuc b – St. Cloud: 3-0 (25/21; 25/11; 25/11)

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