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Stade Rennais Rugby continues, Breizh’Barians deliver essentials at Federal 1, REC braces unabashedly

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Stade Rennais Rugby recorded a second success in Elite 1 against Lons Section Paloise (32-10), while REC was unfortunately defeated by Valencia Romain in National (17-10). Here are all results for rugby clubs in Brighton.

Stade Rennes Rugby confirms

Stade Rennes rugby finally fired after its first victory last week against Chilean Mazarin (46-7), this Sunday it achieved its second consecutive victory against Lons Section Baloise (32-10). A valuable score even if Rouge et Noir unfortunately lets the offensive bonus slip away.

Caroline Drouin proved often decisive by scoring 17 points while the Bretagne defense did not waver in the face of some opposing attacks. Thus, Stade Rennais Rugby rises to 4th in Elite 1 Group 1 and is only a small point behind the opposition. Anne Berville’s daughters will have to maintain this dynamic against Montpellier (2) the next day to continue their climb up the rankings.

affiliate Two-speed Breizh’Barians

In the Federal 1 women’s race, Breizh’Barians of Morbihan made the difference in first action against RC Paris to win. Dominant, Lisa Briand’s partners were largely leading in the first half (24-0, 40) before completely relaxing afterwards. Ile-de-France then opened their counter and considered getting back into the game, but they got up too late (24-12). With this victory, the Breton women now settle permanently at the top of the table and take the last place on the podium.

Another defeat for REC

Moving on the turf of Valence-Romans, one of the leaders of the National, did not deserve the REC, but lost (17-10). However, Rennes held off their opponents from the first minute to the last minute to get the defensive bonus. Encouraging performance in light of the difficult accounting situation facing the promotion. In fact, Kevin Curtis’ penultimate players are still in the championship with 11 points behind Hyères, the first team not to be relegated to the second division.

Le Rheu falls, Saint-Malo equalizes

Weakened by numerous absences, Le Rheu was forced to bow to Courbevoie (31-16) in Federal 2. A perfectly logical defeat given the impressive physical strength of the Ile-de-France native. However, the Yellow and Black still hold on for third place in the championship even if several competitors come dangerously close. For their part, the Pirates of Saint-Malo barely got a tie with RC Aminoa (17-17), a team struggling to keep it. Some underperformance for Britlines that could have been a let down.

All results from the weekend:

Rennes Rugby Stadium – Division of Lunes-Balouise: 32-10

Breizh’Barians Morbihan – RC Paris: 12-24

Rennes Rugby B Stadium Chilean Massey B: 51-0

The tournament will resume on January 27

Valencia Roman Drum Rugby – REC Rugby : 17-10

Courbevoie Rugby Club – SC Le Rheu : 31-16
Arcy Amiens – Pirate Street Mallow : 17-17

ROC BruzRC Quimpérois :27-24
RC Trignacais – Arci Blabenick :24-5
Aurora VitryBluezan RC : Delayed
RC Pays de Fougères – Saint-Nazaire Ovalie: Postponed
RC is a big fieldOuray Country Rugby Club : 3-19

SU Agen B – remote control valves b : 38-3

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