Home football Stade Briochin continues to rise in the standings, US Concarneau no longer advances

Stade Briochin continues to rise in the standings, US Concarneau no longer advances

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For this 18th day of National, our Breton clubs played important matches against direct competitors. US Concarneau lost to Dunkirk (1-0). For its part, Stade Briochin won at the end of the match against Paris 13 Atletico (1-0).

For its first at home in 2023, Concarneau, 4th, received a competitor on the climb, USL Dunkerque, 5th. Stéphane Le Mignan’s men had a perfect opportunity to revive and outrun the northern club. The stakes were different, but just as important in the Côtes-d’Armor. Stade Briochin hosted Paris 13 Atletico, in a duel of misclassified.

Concarneau deserved better

From the first minutes of the meeting, spectators at the Guy-Piriou stadium quickly understood that this meeting opposed two contenders for the climb. The intensity put by the two teams offered a good confrontation. But it was the tuna boats that proved to be the most dangerous. Boutrah then Rabillard had the balls to open the scoring. But as too often during this evening, Concarnois strikes fled the goal of the visitors. Launched on the side, Dunkirk striker Amadou Ba-Sy was quick to open the scoring with a magnificent shot from a tight angle (0-1, 41st).

Upon returning from the locker room, the Thoniers increased their pressure on Sullivan Pean, the Maritime goalkeeper, but the latter was in for a great night. The attacking changes of Stéphane Le Maignan did not change anything. The visitors could even have increased the score if they had shown a little more lucidity on their counter-attacks. This defeat (1-0) is very severe for the Bretons, but their lack of efficiency cost them dearly. Dunkirk leaves Brittany with 3 points and therefore returns to a short length of Concarneau, 4th with 30 points.

Stade Briochin continues at home

Karim Mokeddem’s players remained on a home victory against Villefranche (1-0). The reception of Paris 13 Atletico was then the opportunity to continue this series. And it was done for the Briochins who snatched the victory at the end of the match. The locals were dominant from the first moments of this meeting thanks to Hicham Benkaid. Over the minutes, the Parisians were gaining momentum even if the score remained nil at halftime. During the second act, the Costa Ricans controlled the opposing team thanks in particular to a high block on the ground.

And a man turned into a savior in the very last minutes of the game. Hicham Benkaid indeed delighted the spectators of Fred Aubert with a splendid volley from a corner shot by Guillaume Béghin (1-0, 82nd). With this new success, the second at home, the Griffons climb to 15th place in the championship and overtake their evening opponent. Next meeting for Stade Briochin against Avranches, the first non-relegation team. A duel that could be a real turning point in the season for the Bretons.

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