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On the Street: The Canucks’ poor season just got worse

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The Vancouver Canucks were in the playoffs this year, but just past the midseason, the team found itself near the bottom of the NHL standings with little hope on the horizon.

Castanet took to the streets to ask the locals what was wrong with the Canucks.

“Look, I guess you can sum it up in one quote. They’re constantly inconsistent and they’re annoying, and I think some changes need to be made. It needs to be done ASAP,” said one local fan.

Another added: “When they lose, they lose. And they lost more than they gained.”

After quickly becoming a crowd favorite with the team last year, rumors swirled about him being in the hot seat, and Kelowna residents had some fun things to say.

Some Canucks fans were telling Castanet this practice wasn’t good enough while others had the exact opposite opinion.

“I don’t think it’s him. He inherited a mess and he was trying to bring him down, and they have to keep him, but unfortunately the coach is usually the first coach to be thrown under the bus. They won’t look at a problem with that, so unfortunately, he might have to go.”

One thing all Canucks fans agree on is the ultimate prize if they keep losing – a chance to nurture the next generation talent in Connor Bedard – who is projected to be named #1 in the NHL draft this year.

All eyes will be on the Canucks’ Bruce Boudreau this weekend as they take on the Colorado Avalanche on Friday before taking on Connor McDavid and the Oilers on Saturday.

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