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Imagine Monet launching a 4-week tour at 100 Kellogg Lane on March 10th

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Art lovers in London Ont. Claude Monet, eager to immerse himself in the business soon, won’t fancy anything soon, while a gallery of the French painter’s works is about to settle momentarily at 100kg of linen.

The organizers along with Imagine Monet announced a four-week run at the local amusement complex that will start on March 10th, which will follow at the end of March with the Imagine Van Gogh Runs on March 5th.

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Imagine Monet features more than 200 paintings by one of the most famous impressionist artists in history, including works by Monet. water lilies f series Rouen Cathedral Plates.

The Imagine Monet exhibition brings world-famous paintings to life

Like Imagine Van Gogh, Imagine Monet will be shown in Image Totale, a technique developed by French photographer and filmmaker Albert Plessy, who first used it at a 1977 exhibition in the south of France.

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Image Totale allows viewers to walk through a gallery, with an immersive multi-projection experience that sees art cover the walls and floors of the room in which it is displayed.

Imagine Monet will also be accompanied by a soundtrack that, according to the organizers, will immerse visitors “in a state of relaxation and wonder.”

Using Total Image technology, the immersive exhibition will allow viewers to visit the works of French painter Claude Monet.

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Imagine Monet will be available at 100 Kellogg Lane March 10th through April 7th, tickets available now at Imagine Monet.com.

Meanwhile, Londoners can still watch Imagine Van Gogh at 100 Kellogg Lane until March 5.

Tickets for this program are available at Imagine vangogh.com.

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