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(Re)discover Italy with an exceptional real estate agency

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La Dolce Vita at your fingertips. For more than 50 years, the Domus agency, located in Italy, has mastered the real estate market in Bordighera and Riviera dei Fiori. With its refined characteristics, between tradition and modernity, it attracts international clients. In this article, Fabia Divia tells us more about these clients.

What makes your customers special?

It’s so diverse! We only have 20% to 30% Italian clients. The vast majority consists of foreign clients, which is one of the features of the Domus agency. This privacy is also cultivated by our site. The Domus agency is located in the Riviera dei Fiori, 15 km from France and about 30 minutes from Nice Airport. This proximity partly explains why we are so successful with foreign clients.

What other reasons are they drawn to your neighborhood?

beyond the scenic landscape, Bordighera has a special soul. Big names passed it by: Claude Monet, Queen Victoria, Jean Cocteau… They still make up the soul of the city today. In addition, our mild climate attracts. There is almost no temperature difference between night and day, comparable to those in North Africa.

It’s good to live there. regardless of the selected feature. The plants thrive there and so do the residents. Pallanca Exotic Garden is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It brings together the largest collections of fatty plants and succulents in Europe.

Why did you choose to be a 100% real estate agency?

In fact, Domus Agency consists of about ten female employees. I personally took over from my mother, who founded our agency. in my opinion, Women are the most able to concretely discuss a future place to live. Men talk about investing and living space…and women are more emotional. They capture the spirit of the house and showcase themselves, leaving room for sentimentality.

This sensitivity is essential for good communication between the Domus agency and its clients. Thus, we can acquire the property that best meets everyone’s expectations. Moreover, when choosing housing, the woman always has the last word!

(Re)discover Italy with an exceptional real estate agency

What is the bond you create with your clients?

We take the time to get to know our customers. We discuss with them their desires, especially their way of life. The overwhelming majority of them are used to buying what they already know It is comfortable and reassuring. Here again, the connection is often stronger with women, who attach memories and special importance to certain details.

Our advantage is too Our presence in the market for 70 years. Our experience and knowledge of the region ensures the best possible support. In addition, we found some Our clients who want to sell or resell a property20 or 30 years after your first purchase with us.

Have you noticed a change in your customers’ desires?

Before the health crisis, there was a demand for housing on the ground floor. This is no longer the case today. Our customers now prefer the garden and large spaces. In terms of our business, Covid had taken some of our customers away for a while, as it was difficult to travel. Today, we have found vacationers who want to discover our beautiful city, or people who are ready to come and settle there.

Otherwise, no particular trend stands out more than another. Our clients are As fond of housing already built as housing to be renovatedthat you have a home custom made.

However, there is a slight difference in their tastes. Some clients remain classic and are allergic to materials such as marble. The French, for example, is like the old: parquet floors, woodwork… The style is more industrial for our clients who come from Northern Europe. Younger guests prefer more modern accommodations. Fortunately, we work in partnership with several architects who are completely masters of these different styles.

What do you think of the most beautiful real estate project of Domus agency?

Our real estate agency has been exclusively commissioned to market the restructuring of the prestigious Angst Hotel, abandoned in the 1930s. This project, between authenticity and modernity, will be finished this year, with more than 70 high-class apartments. We are obviously very proud to be involved in reviving one of the symbols of our city.

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