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Breton beat the smallest of gaps in Caen (1-0)

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This Tuesday night the Brest albatrosses traveled to Normandy to challenge the Dracaras in Caen. The Venestrians snatched a victory (1-0) against a direct competitor and are back to starting in the league after two consecutive defeats.

At the end of a balanced game in which the ax might have fallen to one side or the other, Brestois caught their second clean sheet of the season. However, Caennais held on to four straight wins and had many assets to offer against Albatross of Brest. But when the Bretons are solid like this, they are simply unbeatable.

Fourcade gives the advantage

Jakub Vrána’s partners dominated throughout the start of the match, failing to create even the slightest chance. However, in one of their first defining moments, they opened the scoring against a series of plays, with Théo Fourcade serving well by Mathieu Tremblay, opening the scoring in front of the bewildered eyes of the locals (0-1 24). The Chesnai native didn’t know it yet, but he just offered the winning goal to his side.

Plasik as a last resort

This Finistère achievement did not curb Caen’s ambitions, quite the contrary. The Drakkars got even more chances by doubling down on serious action against Jiri Blazek’s cage. However, the Albatross janitor in Brest made a selection performance (41 saves to his credit!) To maintain the short advantage of his team until the final whistle.

Albatross in Brest revived

Thanks to this success (1-0) achieved in pain, Pavol Mihalik’s men are back in the top 8 in Division 1 and are only one point behind on the podium. This Saturday they will move to rounds (7) with the aim of achieving a second success in a row against another direct competitor.

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