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The French city of Amiens asks Madonna to lend a lost painting

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The French city of Amiens asks Madonna to lend a lost painting

LILLE (AP) – Le mire d’Amiens, in the Nord of France, published a video “demandant” by Madonna of “preter” in the ville un tableau of his collection of personnel, simblable in a tableau perdu la-bas pendant First World War.

The 19th-century work, “Diana and Indymion” by Jerome Martin Langlois, is likely “the same work” that the Louvre lent to the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Amiens before World War I and which then disappeared, Brigitte Faure said in a video message from the Queen of Pop. Posted on Facebook.

“Obviously, we are in no way opposed to your legal assumption of this work,” Furey added.

Instead, she asked the singer for a “loan” to perform in 2028, when Amiens hopes to be the capital of culture in Europe this year.

Lending the image, the mayor said, would allow “the residents to discover and appreciate this work.”

The painting’s possible provenance has been suggested by Le Figaro in an investigation published this month.

Sold at Madonna’s auction for $1.3 million in 1989, an art guide discovered the massive artwork in a photo of her home published in Paris Match magazine.

It depicts a mythological scene of the bare-chested goddess Diana approaching the shepherd Endymion.

“I’m not sure it’s the real painting, but although it’s a copy, it looks very much like the work,” Faure said, and “I hope he will meet Amiens again.”

Langlois’ original work was published in 1817 to decorate the royal palace at Versailles outside Paris, said François Seguin, acting director of the Picardy Museum – formerly the Amiens Museum of Fine Arts.

It was loaned by the Louvre in Paris to the northern city from 1872, until it was declared missing after World War I.

The Louvre said when it showed the painting in 1988 that the Madonna was “almost certainly a copy, most likely by the same artist”.

His copy lacks the artist’s signature, date, and stamp, said expert Sejan, and is about 3 centimeters (one inch) smaller than the original, making it “unlikely” that the work is the same.

However, he said “this is the only evidence of the missing work”.

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