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Kate purchases the iconic Nosmoke manufacturer and defines her vision for everyday commuting

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Kate It is positioning itself as a player in local mobility by developing a range of light electric vehicles for the city and the countryside. Created in the year 2022 by Thibaud ElzeierAnd Matthias Goldenberg And Pierre EscriotKate represents a crucial shift in everyday commuting with electric light vehicles made in Franceeven the current challenges of sustainability and responsibility. The group has bought Nosmoke, a French manufacturer since 2012 of 60 fully-electric mini all-terrain vehicles. Nosmoke was founded in 2012 in Cerizay (Deux-Sèvres) by Luc Jaguelin, joined in 2020 by Vincent Lecadre. The company is launching an electric version inspired by the ‘mokes’ of the 1960s, a recreational vehicle steeped in British motoring history. A streamlined and cheerful car icon that perfectly adapts to its environment. Made in France at the Deux-Sèvres factory, more than 1,500 copies were sold. By purchasing Nosmoke, Kate gives herself an industry tool and sector expertise that allows her to save time in a thriving sector. But also an income line capable of partially financing future developments. In 2022, Nosmoke sales exceed 4 million in revenue. The company has ensured a constantly evolving production to meet the high demand of individuals and companies. This atypical car was a great success in France and abroad. Nosmoke meets the growing demand with a high quality finish that makes it unique in the market.

Original: The new version of an iconic model

the original @tweet

Kate expected a major evolution in the groundbreaking Nosmoke model that had become the original In 2023. This year, Group A is launching New version greatly improved : the original, which is sold directly online from the brand’s website and is available in 23 colors. the original It retains the historic layout of Nosmoke With major technical developments. Components, manufacturing process, batteries and motors have been completely reinvented. the original is now in 3 variantswith ranges ranging from 110 to 240 km and a maximum speed range of 70 to 90 km / h Depending on the engines. Origin is fully customizable.

Matthias Goldenberg
Mathias Goldenberg kateoriginal

“Kate’s goal will be to perpetuate the Nosmoke legacy with this new model. The original will be available from March 2023. We aspire to go from 200 vehicles per year in 2022 to 200 vehicles per day in 2027.”Announce mathias goldenberg, CEO of Kate.

original kit

Over the past few months, we’ve invested all our efforts in the Original, a recreational vehicle inspired by the Nosmoke, which builds on technologies developed at Kate. The Original maintains the historic design of the Nosmoke with key technical advances, including components, manufacturing process, and batteries. and engines.Improving the production chain has been one of our main challenges, so that we can meet the increasing demand.From today, we are able to deliver to our customers in a few weeks, as opposed to a few months before.Original is a little gem that all customers love at first sight. Tour the Kate Original and you’ll see its impact on the curious »Announce Pierre EscriotAnd Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Kate.

Thibaud Elzeier
Thibaud Elzière @Kateoriginal

This form will enable financing of the following vehicle: K1. This new vehicle will be very different from Nosmoke. It maintains that light and sober side, but it’s meant to be everyday car “, Add Thibaud Elziere, co Founder Kate.

Kate paves the way for a new vision in line with contemporary developments

as 1
K1 @ Kate

For Kate, the everyday car of tomorrow will be naturally small and light to meet the challenges of energy and the environment. So Kate is focusing on developing a range of small cars, adapted to different uses. the Small car According to Kate, it offers a solution for gentle and responsible daily commuting, which blends harmoniously with urban traffic flow, while respecting the place and pace of each road user. ” The idea is not to create a new set of vehicles, but rather to have a whole state of mind around fun and simplicity. We are already working on a city car project, a small car for the city and for the country, codenamed K1 for which pre-orders will open in a few months. continued Thibaud Elzeier.

It is hoped that production of the original version will sell out quickly to focus on developing as 1 »

Today, every consumer decision makes sense. Kate It invites consumers to ride in a responsible and sustainable small car, made in France under the best industrial and ethical conditions.Ours have all the advantages of heavy quad bikes in the homologation, meaning they are cheaper to buy, to use with those weight restrictions that make them a powerhouse. It is a vehicle consisting of four seats and four doors, which constitutes an advantage over cars without a license, and has a maximum speed of 80 km / h with a tolerance of 10%.Our mission is to remain in this class of cars,” he said. highlighted Matthias Goldenberg. “We hope to sell the original version production quickly to focus on developing as 1 and manufactured. The asset sales will allow us to test all of our suppliers internally with this vehicle, to test ramp production and fund it R&B and production as 1. It’s a two-step strategy for selling the car that reflects our vision of the everyday car: Very electric and light. Our goal is to share our vision of more accessible and lighter vehicles and thus convince as many people as possible of this class of vehicles.” Add the Executive Director by Kate.

as 1
K1 @ Kate

the as 1 It is a very simple vehicle to approach. It’s a very pure and simple driving experience. We know simple is good! the as 1 It offers virtually every real car experience, but with the benefits of the category below: Accessible price, cost of use and weight. This is what allows us to consume three times less than Tesla “, Concludes. Open pre-orders for as 1 It will take place in May 2023.


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