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First Stade Rennais Rugby win, REC still dominant, Le Rheu corrects opponent at Federal 2

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Ti Sport evaluates the results of rugby clubs in Breton. Stade Rennais Rugby notably had its first success in Elite 1 against Chilly-Mazarin (46-7) while REC was no match against Albi (25-12) in the National.

Rennes Rugby’s first victory

After a complicated start to the league marked by three consecutive defeats, Stade Rennes rugby secured its first victory this weekend against Chile-Mazarin (46-7). However, at the break, the score was even tighter since Meg Mambi’s partners led by just five points (12-7) before taking the upper hand in the second term. Jade Ulutule scored three of her team’s eight tries. Banat Anne Berville, however, remained fifth in Group 1 before welcoming the Baloise (3rd) section next Sunday.

RC Vannes can have some regrets

After a hesitant and balanced 80 minutes, RC Fanny ended up losing in the suspense finale against Soo Jin (16-15). But Morbihannais came back very well in the match since they took the lead with the half hour of play approaching (12-3, 26). But then Jean-Noel Spitzer’s men made some mistakes to the delight of the visitors who returned. Maxime Lavage’s partners finally gave in at the end of the match in the face of pressure from Agen. With this second consecutive loss, RCV drops to 7th in Pro D2 before welcoming the Nevers (12th) the next day.

Rin is approaching landing

At the lower level, REC continues to plunge into the depths of the rankings after its defeat against Albi (25-12). More precisely, the Tarni did not need to force their talent to take over the Bretilians who played with their weapons. Unfortunately, maintenance seems to be getting further and further away from Rennes who are currently penultimate in the championship with 12 points behind Hyères, the first non-relegated team.

Le Rheu regains success, Saint-Malo loses

At Federal 2, Le Rheu made short work of Boulogne-Billancourt (34-6). After experiencing a rocky start to the match, the Brits raised their game to force logic. Camille Caliger and his teammates are still on the podium behind Le Havre and Plissir. For its part, Saint-Malo was not worthy and even fell against Versailles (19-15). Bretilian lacked subtlety in the last gesture to hope for a better result against a direct competitor.

All results from the weekend:

RC Chile-Mazarin – Rennes Rugby Stadium : 7–46

The tournament will resume on January 22

The tournament starts on January 22

Remote control valves – SU Agency: 15-16

REC Rugby – Albi: 7-25

Le Rio Boulogne-Billancourt: 6-34
Saint-Malo – Versailles: 15-19

Kimber —Trenac: 21-61
BlabenikAurora Vitry :29-14
Lausannefern : 70-0
Saint Nazaire – big field :22-6

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