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E-procurement, workflows, corporate social responsibility strategy, and how brands and mass distribution gain resilience

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In the current uncertain economic environment (pandemic, war in Ukraine, energy shortage, climate change, etc.), the retail sector faces three major problems. Interview with Yannis Dupin

General Manager of ServiceNow EMEA.

Major retailers and major brands face the risks of supply shortages of goods and services, as well as unexpected increases in energy prices. There is also the risk of demobilizing certain individuals away from Headquarters. In addition, there is an increasing demand for services among clients. Another note: the legislative and regulatory context, which is constantly changing, adds complexity.

Further optimization of the supply chain

Have supply difficulties become too critical? “Retail professionals are, above all, logisticians whose task is to manage the flow of goods between manufacturers, warehouses and stores. So these are challenges that they know how to deal with. They can always digitize their different processes and make them so that they are easier to understand.”

Thanks to work flows (automated flow of tasks), it is possible to move forward faster, to gain efficiency: “Good supply chain management also requires good supplier management. »

Last May, ServiceNow introduced provisioning service management for its Now platform. The new PSM (Purchasing Services Management) solution aims in particular to speed up delivery times for procurement tasks by making them simpler through digitization and through self-service functions. “One of the goals is to have an omniscient and real-time view of supplies. Our Now platform allows buyers to centralize all exchanges with their suppliers, evaluating them against various performance criteria, while continuously monitoring ongoing processes (orders, deliveries, etc.) while ensuring compatibility of services Well presented with contracts. »

Corporate Social Responsibility / Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance and Consumption Control

Energy management is also a major challenge, because of the risks of shortages and price hikes, but also because of the implementation of CSR/ESG (Environmental, Social and Good Governance) strategies.

In distribution, this mainly relates to the management of refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting equipment. Supermarkets and warehouses are energy intensive. So how do you rationalize? Thanks to sensors (or the Internet of Things, objects connected to the Internet) that make it possible to track pockets of overconsumption. “The Now platform responds to projects in which indicators (KPIs) are published. We have a standard ESG module. Through the management module it is possible to manage all the data collected and provide insight into consumption by publishing technical and financial reports.”

Re-engage and re-motivate employees

Another challenge for large retailers: to rekindle a sense of belonging to their brand among employees. “After confinement periods, many employees express new expectations; because 90-95% of them do not work in the main office but at points of sale or in warehouses, where personal digital systems are scarce. So they feel a lack of social contact with the rest of the company. A question arises. Related: How do you motivate young people to apply?

“Our platform offers an employee-oriented view that allows you to digitize all HR processes such as leave request, salary consultation, and training update.”

Better meet customer requirements

The third pressure on distribution comes from customers: “They are increasingly demanding a ‘premium’ service. This results from e-commerce transactions, the use of new services such as click and collect. Today it is of great importance to facilitate the fulfillment of their orders thanks to workflows. This makes it possible to provide responsiveness and thus More productivity in all areas: after-sales service, product returns, information requests, etc.

Thus, in the end, greater customer satisfaction…

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Omnichannel customer management

By implementing an omnichannel monitoring solution for its customers, the Swarovski jewelry company, which has 1,400 points of sale worldwide, has experienced a 55% reduction in complaints.Crossroads


CrossroadsBetter targeting of repairs

The Carrefour Group, present in more than 30 countries around the world with 12,000 points of sale, has chosen the Click & Repair mobile application, developed jointly with ServiceNow France. Intended for store managers and their teams, this application simplifies the resolution of equipment failures by warning and directing the service providers involved

. Using QR codes, it leads to a significant reduction in repair times in stores and warehouses. It also helps to improve employee satisfaction and motivation. “A new solution was needed to improve the liquidity and speed of repairs. This mobile application guides the intervention of service providers when repairing equipment in our stores. It is agile and fast. This allows us to be very responsive, ”explains the store manager.

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