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The Finisterreen lose after extra time to Neuilly-sur-Marne (5-4)

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The Brest albatross went down at the end of the suspense period (5-4) against Bison Neuilly-sur-Marne during Day 16 of Division 1. Here’s what to remember from the meeting.

Shocking start to the game

The first minutes did not bode well for Pavol Mihalik’s men, as the visitors completely dominated them with complete success. If after the opener of Jeremiah Ludtke (0-1, 5) Nikolaus Siegfriedt managed to equalize (1-1, 6), then the Bisons raised their level, taking advantage in particular of the indiscipline of the local population. While the Brest albatrosses were in a double numerical inferiority, their opponents regained the advantage with power (1-2, 8). As they continued to be punished, the Venetians saw the Ile-de-France residents run off the scoreboard (1-3, 10 and then 1-4, 19).

The albatross of Brest returned to the game …

Trailing by three lengths at the end of the first period, Mathieu Tremblay’s partners were in a very delicate position. But they recovered quickly with Graham Avenel (2-4, 21) clearing the way for his partners. Much more so, the Brestians gradually reversed the trend by taking the game on their own. In the numerical advantage this time around, Dominique Rudl and his teammates got back one goal from NocĂ©ens (3-4, 34) while there was still time on the clock.

… before losing in overtime

Then the locals doubled the chances, but found an opposing goalkeeper in good shape. After a fine serve from Mathieu Tremblay, Jacob Vrana leveled the scores to the delight of the Rinkla crowd (4-4, 53′). Then the end of the match was inconclusive and the two teams went to extra time. And so often this season the Brest albatross succumbed to sudden death (4-5, 61). With this surprisingly poor performance against an opponent who is supposed to be inferior on paper, Venestrian fell to ninth place in the championship.

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