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NEW: The Sake News highlights the expertise of sake makers with 3 celebrity ambassadors

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The Japanese consider it the “drink of the gods”, an interest For a long time she remained little known in France. Often absorbed in rice alcohol rather than rice wine, sake suffers, in the public consciousness, from a distorted image of a very strong digestif served at the end of a meal in Chinese restaurants. To overcome this bad reputation and perpetuate the know-how of the sake manufacturers in France, sake connection And The powerful agency They threw Sake Newsan innovative digital project is part of the desire Japanese Embassy To promote a better consumption of this alcohol in France. To meet this challenge and make people discover for various purposes, Instagram account Sake News Offers experienceE Guilherme de ServalThe bartender Sanchez cloudsand chef f Remy Savage, mixologist. The three ambassadors take turns presenting all possible pairings, recipes, and even cocktails that exist with this noble drink. Their mission: to awaken, raise awareness, and make people discover all the nuances and mastery of this Japanese wine.

Restore the image of Japanese sake in France


for the first time, Japanese Embassy He has the will Promotion of sake consumption in Francethis through 28 independent breweries. ” If we interview ten French people at random, nine of them think that sake is strong alcohol. They confuse Japanese sake with Chinese sake. All the work will be to disassemble this thought and educate about real Japanese sake he explains Rudolph Gabriel, an entrepreneur in agribusiness, construction, sports and entertainment. Rodolphe Gabriel and three other partners, with a common passion for Japan and its culture, invited three French ambassadors, experts in their field, to educate about this ancestral alcohol and promote its consumption through a dedicated Instagram account: The Sake News. We find there Sanchez cloudsa NE/SW chef in Paris, Remy Savageone of the best French mixologists W Guilherme de Serval, a famous sommelier, writer and columnist for Très très bon. These three big names in their fields will be able to deconstruct the image and guide an original way and consumption of sake. The three partners and ambassadors are committed to representing a group brewing different references: sparkling sake, 5 ° sake, rose sake …

Sake News: Japanese sake made available

Sake News aims to promote Japanese sake with 28 breweries represented in France and later in Europe, with producers who have owned, for some, a brewery for three centuries. The mission is to continue to perpetuate the know-how of old breweries and breweries. The challenge is also to introduce new brewers who offer different varieties Rudolph Gabriel says. With a market of nearly 4 million euros, France is the world’s tenth largest market for the country’s interest. This specialty drink occupies a small area in France. However, within four years, thanks to new consumers discovering Japanese sake, I felt a certain enthusiasm. There is a new generation of chefs who appreciate sake and are more open to discovery. They will look for very beautiful drinks, because there is a real added value to incorporate them into their cooking and into their menus. He continued. With The Sake News, we would like to break out of this niche market and convince a number of buyers to include Japanese sake in their offering. We are trying to convert a large number of restaurateurs, wine merchants and sommeliers by offering many types of sake that may be enjoyable Sake News is aimed at those generations who like to seek out new associations and new tastes, but also at connoisseurs, chefs, restaurateurs and all sommeliers. The Sake News Instagram account is aimed at people between the ages of 24 and 35 and anyone curious and eager to learn more about Japanese sake. .” We have built a community and it is growing Rudolf Gabriel rejoices. ” The engagement rate is very strong and some of the videos have exceeded 30,000 views! This communication tool will provide all the keys of the French language to break the stereotypes. Finally, we can find on our shop all kinds of sake that we have introduced “, Determines. ” We offer very specialized gifts for hobbyists, sometimes around 70 euros, and then other types that are easy in the mouth and at prices. It takes time to do good and it will take time to establish interest in France and Europe. We are ready to do that Rudolph Gabriel concludes.

Three Ambassadors: Many Keys to Sake Tasting

Three ambassadors Sake NewsGuillaume Sanchez, Remy Savage and Gwilherm de Cerval will prove, with their expertise: cocktails, recipes and pairings, that Japanese sake can taste like wine, that it is possible to make great sake cocktails or even that it not only goes well with sushi or Japanese dishes, but can It goes well with French dishes or even chocolate! on me instagramThese three experts take turns offering different tastings and give all the keys on video to savor this Japanese wine in the best possible way. As shown Guilherme de Serval :” My role as ambassador is to present my experience as a sommelier and try to give all the keys at hand to all those interested in Japanese sake Sommelier, author and columnist for Very Good TV on Paris Première, Gwilherm got to know Sake while working at Royal Monceau ten years ago.” I understood that it was a vast world like wine and that there was a lot of quality, elegance and a lot of aromatics similar to wine,” he says. France is one of the biggest consumers of rice alcohol, not Japanese. We were fooled into the goods! says Gwilherm. My job is to make people understand that sake has every possible merit to qualify as a fine wine, that even if it is made from rice rather than grapes, it can pair very nicely with French cuisine. “.

“There are some amazing pairings you can make for”

lover for Guilherme I accepted the challenge to democratize Japanese, to break down all the confusion that still existed, but above all, to make people want to taste it: ” Whether it’s an appetizer, appetizer, main course, cheese or dessert, there are absolutely incredible pairings to make for For this, the bartenders suggest that you accompany it with cheese, smoked fish, veal tartare, or egg mayonnaise! You have to get out of your comfort zone and accept that there can be great things outside of France and that this Japanese sake has its place on a French table! says Gwilherm. To get people to discover sake in a different way, the three ambassadors offer to accompany their tastings to music or movies: “ When we taste something, the fact that it can remind us of music or a movie will allow people to understand the state in which we tasted it. These are tasting keys so they can have the same experience. As an ambassador, it’s important to minimize our comments and make our community comfortable with this topic. You don’t have to know the language to taste Japanese sake! “, He says.

all motivated by a challenge, Sake News For the three ambassadors, it is a real commitment over several years. And to carry out their mission as best as possible, the three men will Travel around Japan for a week to meet 28 breweries, but also to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and different consumption styles. ” Sake is a magical world of amazing intellectual and cultural richness. We will note how the Japanese consume it in order to be able to better describe the alcohol inherited from our ancestors. I’m sure Japan will give us a lot of ideas Guilherme concludes.

Discover the Gwilherm de Cerval collection:

Sparkling sakeObata Shuzo (45€ TTC)

Shine - Obata Shuzo

Manotsuru’s brilliance type: Junmaiginjo
Region: Niigata
Polishing: 60%
Sparkling sake with the aroma of delicately roasted fruits. Good balance of acidity, fruitiness and roundness.
Firm and frank bubbles.

Umeda Shōzugu and Associates (43€ TTC)

Umeda Shōzugu and Associates

Honshu-ichi Daiginjo Genshu Genre: Junmai Daiginjo
Region: Hiroshima
Polishing: 55%
Having won numerous awards, this wonderfully sweet and savory treat can be enjoyed while eating or simply as an aperitif.

Yoshinomotochozo (35 Euro TTC)


Kisaki 50 White Type: JunmaiGinjo Region: Toyama
Polishing: 65%
Recommended for beginners, wine aromas and a light mouth. It is a delicate drink with balanced acidity and drinks very fresh.

Musakura Juzo (30 Euro TTC)

Musakura Juzo

Junmai Daiginjo Musakura Flower Type: Junmai Daiginjo
District: Gifu Polishing: 35%
Strong taste of koji and rice for a long time in the mouth, pleasant crunchy minerals.
Iodized sake is fine as an appetizer.

All personal references are available at thesakenews.com

Tasting tips from Remy Savage, Guillaume Sanchez, and Gwilherm de Cerval can be found on Instagram: @thesakenews and on the website: thesakenews.com. The special The Sake News playlist is available on Spotify.

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