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Travel: Five popular destinations for your best vacation in 2023!

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It’s the new year, and the travel frenzy that exploded after health restrictions were lifted shows no signs of slowing down. Travel is back in the spotlight, and the question is not where to go, but where to go.

Travel has always gone through cycles of changing trends, and with some popular destinations now crowded and pricey, others made accessible with new accommodations and attractions, some trends are thriving. Destinations in 2023!

Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain. | Source: Getty Images

Mallorca, Spain

The island of Mallorca has long been popular with Europeans, and its huge international airport is the second busiest in Spain, ahead of Barcelona. Yet for some reason, this Balearic paradise has long been off the radar of American tourists, save for cyclists and hikers.

Once there, you will discover stunning nature, lively seaside resorts, exquisite Spanish cuisine, and the capital, Palma, a city of surprising size. It is one destination that can suit all types of travelers, from the endurance athlete (hiking and cycling are excellent) to the golfer, passing by the beach and nature lover. laziness. Traditionally, most of the island’s myriad boutique and luxury hotels have been stand-alone hotels, often located in ‘fincas’, restored medieval farmhouses, and a seasoned travel agent can point you to dozens of unheard of luxury hotels. it before. . However, several luxury hotel chains have recently settled on the island, and many more chain stores are under construction: Regis, Luxury Collection, or even Belmond, Mandarin Oriental, even Four Seasons (persistent rumor, but not yet proven). Mallorca is on the rise, and rightfully so!

Lucky Bay Beach, Cape Le Grand National Park, Australia. | Source: Getty Images


There was a time when Australia was high on the priority list for many travelers and it always seemed so big and remote that it felt like some kind of fantasy. The country has fallen off the list of major destinations and has suffered a particularly severe lockdown due to the pandemic. However, modern travelers have come to realize that the world is smaller and easier to navigate, and long journeys are more achievable. All of these elements have allowed Australia to return to the front of the stage. Its size and diversity mean that it is not possible to see everything in one trip, but it does make it a destination that can appeal to the greatest number: food and wine lovers, divers, cultural explorers, etc. It is also the best golfing destination outside of the British Isles.

Istanbul, Turkey. | Source: Getty Images


Turkey has officially dropped the English version of its name and is now known internationally as Türkiye. However, whatever name you call it, you’ll find one of the best deals in international travel. As a huge country with extremely diverse geography, nature, and climate, spanning two continents, Turkey has a rich history, major attractions, great hotels, and excellent cuisine. The state continues to attract those who desire exotic getaways and affordable luxury.

It’s also very easy to get there and around, thanks to Turkish Airlines, which flies to more destinations than any other airline in the world. Turkish Airlines is consistently rated as one of the best airlines in the world, both in economy and business class. It also has the best value for money.

From colorful markets and exotic UNESCO World Heritage landscapes, to ancient ruins, one of the fastest growing megacities in the world, to seaside resorts and modern golf courses, all in the heart of dual culture, the attractions are endless.

Takchang, or “Tiger’s Den”, is the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. | Source: Getty Images


Bhutan has become the new favorite destination for frequent travelers who have traveled the world and are looking for a different experience. Bhutan, the only Buddhist country in the world, makes it home in terms of leisure, by combining outdoor activities in the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalayas, and luxury, by asking tourists to spend a minimum per head. Today, they pay a daily tourist tax, mainly by offering luxury hotels. The operators you’ll find here, many of which have multiple locations, are real “Who’s That?” From elite hospitality, including Aman, Como, Taj, Six Senses and newcomers such as Africa and Beyond specializing in luxury safaris. Bhutan also attracts flights scheduled by reputed agencies such as Butterfield & Robinson, Backroads and Red Savannah. In addition to opening new hotels, the country has just opened one of the world’s top hiking gems, road through Bhutanwhich crosses the country for the entire length.

Malolo Island, Mamanuca Archipelago, Fiji Islands. | Source: Getty Images

Fiji Islands

For some travelers, the only dream vacations are those on tropical islands, and Fiji has become a favorite destination, especially since Bali has suffered a lot from mass tourism, overbuilding, overcrowding, and most recently, very restrictive new Indonesian laws that suddenly make the whole country unattractive to many. of travelers. On the other hand, Fiji is known for its hospitality and kindness of its people. Plus, it boasts a plethora of luxury private islands that, while upscale, are often more affordable than their competitors, making it another accessible luxury destination. Fiji also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, ideal for fishing and diving.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Larry Olmsted

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