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the notes of Costa Ricans after the defeat against Grenoble (4-2)

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The meetings follow one another and look alike for En Avant Guingamp who once again lost this Friday evening against Grenoble (4-2). Stéphane Dumont’s players must now look behind since the red zone is getting dangerously close.

Forward Guingamp : 3

Everything had started so well for the Bretons who had managed to open the scoring on their very first opportunity thanks to Amine El Ouazzani (1-0, 3rd). Picked cold, the Grenoble residents then set foot on the ball to run the partners of Jérémy Livolant. The players of En Avant Guingamp then gradually retreated towards their goal without offering anything offensively. The visitors took the opportunity to get back into the game just before the break after a pool shot in the area (1-1, 43rd).

Upon returning from the locker room, the Costa Rican defense failed to stop Matthias Phaëton and the former home had no qualms about making the difference (1-2, 48th). As for several months, Guingamp did not produce any game, but on his first opportunity of the game, Baptiste Guillaume equalized with a header to revive the hopes of the locals (2-2, 57th). Unfortunately, the Rhônalpins who had not scored a single goal for four games before facing the EAG, made the difference at the end of the match (2-3, 83rd and 2-4, 89th). Stéphane Dumont and his men seem to be sinking more and more into a delicate situation, so much so that the team is only five points ahead of Rodez, the first relegation team.

Enzo Basilio : 2

The porter had a very delicate evening. He did not go far from committing two fatal errors when he had the ball at his feet and never showed great serenity. On his line, the native of Dijon made no parade while he conceded four goals. A necessarily negative result.

Vincent Manceau : 3

Was his recruitment last summer a casting error? In any case match after match, the right defender exposes the same limits. In the tough physically, he is not able to accompany his team in the offensive phase and lacks speed in defense. Very predictable in his game, he is content either to play backwards or to get rid of the ball.

Matthis Riou: 4

New holder in the central hinge of En Avant Guingamp, the young Costa Rican has regularly been in difficulty. Easily eliminated by his opponents, he lacked toughness in duels to gain respect. His forward raises were nevertheless very interesting.

Baptiste Roux: 3

As he grew in strength in recent games, the number 2 played a tone below. Even if he never hesitated to go to the trouble, the defender is partly at fault on several Grenoble goals. He notably fell into the feint of Matthias Phaëton when he returned from the locker room.

Stephen Quemper : 3

Often caught behind his back in defense, the left side has never been able to create danger. He also lost a few balls following poorly controlled gestures before being replaced by Jules Gaudin at halftime. The player from the training center brought a lot more and sent a decisive pass for Baptiste Guillaume.

Dylan Louiserre : 4

Often well placed, the Guingamp midfielder took care of guaranteeing the balance of his team between defense and attack. When he had the ball at his feet, the former Niortais simply played without being extravagant.

Souleymane Diarra: 2

As usual, the holding midfielder made too many mistakes. He also received a yellow card after only 24 minutes. Stéphane Dumont decided to replace him with Tristan Muyumba at halftime. The ex-Monegasque signed a fairly good start before gradually dying out.

Mehdi Mergem: 3

He once again seemed to lack rhythm and precision in the Breton midfield. One of his loss of balls also brought a goal as in the match against Quevilly. He nevertheless made some interesting runs and hit the opposing crossbar.

Amine El Ouazzani: 6

The winter rookie was in all the good moves of his team. Scorer from the start of the match, the player trained in Grenoble scored his second goal in the space of two games in Ligue 2. He did not count his efforts by coming to help Vincent Manceau when he was in difficulty. Just technically, he also addressed very good crosses.

Jeremy Livolant : 2

Apart from a good free kick hit low to the ground and well stopped by the opposing goalkeeper, the Breton captain brought absolutely nothing to his team. He ran a lot, but no longer manages to be decisive in his dribbling and last gestures.

Baptist William: 5

He will have waited 15 games, but the Belgian finally has his first goal in the Championship under the colors of En Avant Guingamp. On his only opportunity, he headed in a perfectly distilled center from Jules Gaudin to deceive the opposing goalkeeper.

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